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Middle school student participates in a ropes course
Kindergartners perform a song
Football player poses with the Miner mascot
Student stand behind trash can filled with winter jackets for A Precious Child
A boy wearing a beard costume strings cereal
Students challenge themselves with a cup staking game
A volleyball player hits the ball over the net

Mission Statements

Providing a Rigorous, Quality K-12 Education with an Intensified Math and Science Focus
Using the Core Knowledge Sequence and Research-based College Preparatory Programming to Provide a Comprehensive Foundation for Life-long Learning
Providing Social and Physical Development Through Athletics
Utilizing Character Education and Service Learning Programs That Encourage Community Partnerships

Distance Learning Plan - Elementary

Distance Learning Goal: In this situation, our goal is not to replicate the intensity of instructional opportunities that students would have if they were in class on a regular basis. Our goal is to select the most-high leverage learning that will keep students on a learning trajectory that prepares them for future instruction.

Distance Learning Plan - Secondary

Distance Learning Objective: Our goal for middle school and high school is to provide standards-based, rigorous education online through the Google suite of tools. By using Google Classroom, Google Meet, and Google Chat, PRA teachers will compose standards-based lessons and maintain weekly contact with their students through their virtual classrooms.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Monitoring

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Monitoring Thumbnail Image
As a proactive, protective measure we are following the guidance of our local public health officials who say that having a fever is a key symptom.

CyberDay4Girls at Adams 12

CyberDay4Girls at Adams 12 Thumbnail Image
On Wednesday, March 11th, a group of PRA 8th graders attended the 1st annual "CyberDay4 Girls" sponsored by the Adams 12 school district.

FREE Spring Spirit Week

FREE Spring Spirit Week Thumbnail Image
Student Council invites you to participate in our FREE Spring Spirit Week from Tuesday March 31st to Friday April 3rd.
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Games, practice schedules and more have been posted on the PRA Athletics Calendar!

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