Prospect Ridge Academy

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Middle school student participates in a ropes course
Kindergartners perform a song
Football player poses with the Miner mascot
Student stand behind trash can filled with winter jackets for A Precious Child
A boy wearing a beard costume strings cereal
Students challenge themselves with a cup staking game
A volleyball player hits the ball over the net

Mission Statements

Providing a Rigorous, Quality K-12 Education with an Intensified Math and Science Focus
Using the Core Knowledge Sequence and Research-based College Preparatory Programming to Provide a Comprehensive Foundation for Life-long Learning
Providing Social and Physical Development Through Athletics
Utilizing Character Education and Service Learning Programs That Encourage Community Partnerships

Parent Coffee Friday Oct 11 - Fundraising

Parent Coffee Friday Oct 11 - Fundraising Thumbnail Image
Have you ever wondered about fundraising at PRA? Come join us for a Parent Coffee where Brandon Buzbee, Board Fundraising Committee Chair will discuss why we fundraise, what we have accomplished thus far, and the future of fundraising at our school.

Miner Mania Collection Challenge

Miner Mania Collection Challenge Thumbnail Image
Miner Mania is coming, and we need your help! This year, students will assemble care kits for Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, a local organization that helps kids and adults in need.

PRA substitute teacher pay rate increase

PRA substitute teacher pay rate increase Thumbnail Image
We have a need for substitutes at PRA! And we just increased our pay rates! If you have some extra time, it's a great time to come make some extra money while providing an incredible service to the school.
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Check out the Athletic Calendar!

Games, practice schedules and more have been posted on the PRA Athletics Calendar!

CLICK HERE to visit the Athletics Calendar page.

Upcoming Events

24 Math Club

Time: 7:35 AM – 8:05 AM
Location: K8 cafeteria
Oct 15
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