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About me:
Hi, my name is Heidi Huey.  I have been in the gifted and talented education field since 2002.  I fell in love with teaching gifted students when I taught 1st and 2nd grade at Stargate Charter School for the Gifted from 2002-2010.  After that I took some time off to pursue my Master's degree in Gifted and Talented Education from the University of Northern Colorado.  While getting my degree at UNC, I became involved in working at their Summer Enrichment Program for gifted youth since 2011. 
After getting my master's degree from UNC, I then worked at Wheat Ridge High School as their Gifted and Talented Program Coordinator and Enrichment teacher.  Driving to Wheat Ridge started to become a burden to our family (we live in north Westminster) and thusly I took some time off to sub and support our family.  Not only am I a gifted and talented educator, I am also the mother of 2 G.T. children, one of which is also 2E (twice exceptional-gifted and has a learning disability) as well as married to a nerd : )
In the fall of 2017, I was hired on to be the full time Gifted and Talented Program Coordinator here at PRA.  When I started here we had 85 students identified as GT and as of the spring of 2020, we currently have 255!  Over the years here at PRA I have had to evolve the position to not only support and nurture my students in their interests, as well as socially emotionally, but also in supporting our PRA teachers in gifted and talented best practices for instruction, identification and programming.  In addition I support the teachers and students through the annual ALP process (Advanced Learning Plans).  To say that I am passionate about what I do is an understatement.  This 'job' is a labor of love and I greatly enjoy all the learning adventures I have with my students here at PRA!
Heidi Huey
Prospect Ridge Academy
K-12 Gifted and Talented 
Program Coordinator
Below are the Google Classroom Codes for G.A.T.E. (2020-2021)
Elementary School G.A.T.E. Google Classroom code: lhs7idd
Middle School G.A.T.E. Google Classroom code: ofptz4a
High School G.A.T.E. Google Classroom code: miv5nt3
6th Grade Advisory/Access Google Classroom code: x3kv2vs
See below my 'About Me' for classroom resources.
For more information about the Gifted and Talented programming here at PRA, visit: https://tinyurl.com/w7jhdj3