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Scholarships & Financial Aid

Supports Colorado's top students by providing them with Colorado scholarships to attain an excellent in-state education, a vast network of alumni and community leaders and access to additional opportunities that enrich their time in college. 
Compare colleges and search for scholarships.
Powered by Discover Student Loans
Colorado Dept. of Higher Education resource to support the college planning process.
College scholarships for young people of exceptional character and non-traditional students through two distinct programs. 
FastWeb provides scholarship matching based on your qualifications, provides advice on financial aid, college admissions, student life and tools such as financial aid calculators, discussion boards, and checklists.
Naviance allows you to research colleges, find out about colleges visiting PRA, create an Individual Career and Academic Plan (iCAP), search scholarships, request teacher recommendations and transcripts, and track college applications.
An app for your phone. You can search for scholarships that apply to you on your phone!
Weld County Grant
FREE Money!!!
COF - College Opportunity Fund
Financial Aid
Federal application for student aid.
Reduced out of state tuition for Colorado students.
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