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Steve Cutillo: History Teacher

Hello everyone!
Welcome to Mr. (Steve) Cutillo's webpage.  You may know me from such classes as: "World History", "Honors World History" and "US History".  There's not much here, as I do all of my classwork through google classroom.  From there, you will have access to all due dates and class resources.  If parents would like to have access to help with organization of work and due dates, please email me at
But, I suppose if you're here, you may want to know a little about me:
Here is a picture of myself and my beautiful wife, my 4 year old Aurora, and my 1 year old, Stella
I'm 32 years old, and have 10 years of experience teaching history.  Before coming to PRA, I taught 6th grade World History at Summit Middle School, and before that I taught at Grace International School in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I believe that history is so important to us, because it shapes who we are as individuals and a society.  History is not just about memorizing facts, but understanding why people do the things they do, and what that means for me.  I hope to instill a sense of greater purpose and understanding, a larger Worldview that takes us beyond our small lives and into a greater story!  We are part of this world, and we should want to understand it, and see that we matter as a part of it!  
I'm sorry, I could go on and on, but hopefully, that gives you a small glimpse of me as a history teacher.  I see myself as a man who tries to be real.  I want to model integrity, honesty and "genuine-ness" to my students.  Teaching character is such an important part of school, and although I am just as flawed as everyone, I hope to be a good example in my everyday life.
My other interests are quite varied, and seeing as how a picture tells a thousand words, you can view other things that I like, and that matter to me below:
Well, that's a little about me.  Probably more than you wanted to know.  But, if you made it all the way here to the bottom, than I guess you were interested.  Anyway, I can't wait to get to know all of you!  Until then, cheerio