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Welcome to Second Grade!!



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Freckle Website

Hello Second Grade Families,
Students have access to a great website called Freckle that they use here at school and can also use at home; some families might be familiar with this resource because of siblings. This great resource allows students to practice Math and Literacy skills and concepts. The activities the students complete, are differentiated according to their specific areas of need.
Since facts 1-20 (addition and subtraction) are required homework, your student can do their 10 minute fact practice on Freckle as an option. These should be memorized by the end of the year so that students are prepared for 3rd grade math. They will be memorizing multiplication facts next year which is why these facts need to be mastered.
Below is the link to the Freckle home page:
Students use their First and Last name to login (make sure their names are capitalized) 
Class Code: pe3zm5

Summer Enrichment Program Information

Dear PRA Families,

We take pride in providing top quality programs for all our families and implementing new ideas that will meet the needs of our students.  We are happy to be offering a Summer Enrichment Program for K-5 students this year.  

Our program will be held at the school and be taught by highly qualified PRA teachers.  Students will receive small group and one-on-one instruction in reading and math.  This intensive program will run for two weeks in June.  It will begin June 4th and end June 14th.  Students will be at school from 9:00am-12:00pm (4 days the first week and 5 days the second week).  The cost is $300 for the entire program.

We look forward to working with you and your child to better prepare them for the upcoming school year.  If you have any questions regarding the Summer Enrichment Program please contact Melissa Benson or Leandra Ruby


Best Regards,

Melissa Benson

Leandra Ruby

Conference Information

Hello 2nd Grade Families,
The 2nd Grade Team wanted to inform you about the conference agenda.  Please know that we would like to go over your questions and concerns in regards to this semester (make sure you fill out the google form using the link at the bottom of this post). From there, we would like to focus on what we see happening in the classroom rather than fixating on iReady and PALS. Following that, we would like the opportunity to problem solve, as a team, areas of growth we have observed academically or behaviorally with your student. We also want students to have the experience of explaining to you the choices they are making in class and the results of those choices. Having students take accountability over their learning is paramount to the rest of their academic career. This is just a reminder that conferences are an opportunity for our students to develop more of a growth mindset  and own their learning rather than something to fear; problem solving in all forms and contexts are beneficial experiences.
Google Form:

Review Pages

Hello Families,
Students have math review pages in their planner to work on tonight. This is an optional activity but will help provide students an opportunity to practice the concepts we have been working on. Students can circle problems they have questions about so we can review them tomorrow in class. Please make sure you have subscribed to our second grade math page for information about the concepts we are working in class. 
Also please make sure you're reminding students to practice their Red words and Green words we will have our first spelling test this Friday.  
Thank you!

Class Update

Hello Second Grade Families,
Do not forget that we do tie dye next Tuesday in Art class. Make sure to send your student's shirt in by Monday if you have not done so already. 
Also we will be starting our second grade phonics concepts and red words next week. We have been reviewing first grade concepts so far to get into the routine of our phonics instruction. Please be sure to look at your student's planner with them and help them practice the new Green Words for the week as well as the Red words. Remember, the Green words are not the SAME words students will be tested on for their spelling test, the concept is what matters so again please explore multiple words that follow the new concept.
We are almost finished with testing so students will begin goal setting with their data and come up with strategies to achieve their goals.

Red and Green Words

Hello Second Grade families,
You will start seeing Red Words and Green Words written in planners. These are the new concept (phonemic pattern) and sight words of the week. Red Words are sight words that must be memorized when one is reading and/or spelling them, while Green Words are words that can be spelled and read phonetically. Students will take weekly tests on both green and red words. These tests are not like the traditional spelling tests of the past where students memorize a list and then get tested on that same list (for green words). We have found that students are not able to apply their knowledge of spelling in this manner-such as in their writing or reading. So the best way to prepare and practice the new concept would be to brainstorm and be on the lookout for other words that follow the pattern of the week, so when students take their spelling tests on Thursday, they will apply what they know about the new concept to words that follow the pattern.

A Favorite Book

Hello Second grade families,
We have a full week of school in the books! In math we have been working on showing 3 digit numbers in standard form, expanded form, base 10 blocks, and word form. We are doing 3 out of the 5 rotations of Daily 5 which are Read to Self, Read to Someone, and Work on Writing. We have been busy at work learning about geography-the continents, countries of North America, and the state we live in. Next week we will be looking at landforms and our community. 
I will begin reading interviews with the students next week and have asked them to bring in a favorite book (or two) that they enjoy and feel confident reading. They put this reminder in their planner. Thank you for you help in reminding them.
I hope you all enjoy your labor day weekend!! 

Allergy and Germ Aware

Mrs. Rodriguez’s 2nd Grade Class Food Allergies are:

Peanuts, Cashews and Pistachios

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We have students in your child’s classroom with severe food allergies and/or that have severe immunocompromised conditions.

Allergies: Due to the severity of these allergies, we are asking that you please not send food with the allergens from your child’s homeroom classroom for snacks . They can pack food of their choice for lunch. We are not a nut-free or allergen-free school, but we are allergy aware and want to keep kids safe!

Illness: Due to the severity of some immunocompromised conditions, we are asking that you please notify our school

nurse if your child has any contagious symptoms or an illness prior to sending your child to school and follow the

illness guidelines for keeping your sick child home.
We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our students safe!


First Week of School

Yay!! We made it through the first week of second grade!! The students have been working diligently learning the expectations and routines of the classroom these past 4 days. Community is the character trait of August which aligns nicely with these concepts. We have discussed the rights and responsibilities of community members and have begun to learn how to listen, communicate, and compromise with our fellow classmates. We will continue discussing these ideas throughout the year and will continue to team build and get to know each other!
Along with all the community building and norming, we have even begun to get into content! We are learning about the continents and where we fit into our world. We have practiced read to self during daily 5 and even had our first science lab (which we usually have on Mondays) exploring magnets. Thank you for your help and support with our second graders during this first week! We are well on our way to having a superb year here in second grade! Until next week!
P.S. We have begun using our planners so please let your student go over important dates with you and help remind them that it needs to come back to school every day!

Google Form

I think I fixed the google form permission and you should be able to fill it out now. Thank you for your patience...I'm working on my tech grit :) Thank you for filling this out even if you've already mentioned to me how your student will get home, I want to make sure I have all my student's information in one spot. Thanks again!!

A Few Things Before School Starts...

Here are some things we want you to be aware of as the new school year begins:

  • Birthday Celebrations- Everyone wears their pajamas and can bring a backpack-sized stuffy. Pajama days are going to be on the last, or second-to-last, Wednesday of every month. Students may bring in NON-EDIBLE TREATS to pass out to their classmates on this day. Teachers will post on their website calendar, as well as, have students keep these dates in their school planner. August 29th is our first birthday celebration. We will be celebrating birthdays that happened in June, July, and August.
  • Planners- Students will be expected to keep important dates in their school planners which must be kept in their backpacks. Students are to use this resource to inform you and remind themselves of upcoming events. Teachers will help students fill these out on an as needed basis. Students are learning to use this resources and life-long skill so there is no need for you to sign/initial each day/week.  Please just encourage your child to review their upcoming activities/events.
  • Websites- This is our main form of communication as a whole. Please go into all 2nd grade websites and subscribe to each teacher's main webpage and to each Class content page. The Classes page will have current information on what students will be learning in that specific content area, as well as, have resources for you to utilize at home. We also communicate on a weekly basis on our website with any announcements or updates under the Post section of  the webpage. Please subscribe to the webpages and classes otherwise you will be missing important and helpful information of 2nd grade. Please use the PRA webpage to find all school news and important dates.  
  • GLC- Our GLC (Stephanie Jenkins), will be sending out a monthly email that covers all social aspects of second grade. Please be sure to read her emails as they come out each month.
    • Field trips
    • Parties/supply list
    • Volunteer opportunities etc.
  • P. E.- For the next two weeks, Mrs. Dencklau and Ms. Morse ask that your child comes to school with their water bottle because they will be outside much of the time until the gym is completed. So please make sure your child has their water bottle daily.  Mrs. Rodriguez’s class will be going to P.E. on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Allergies-  Please be aware that many students have peanut, tree nut, shellfish or other severe allergy cases in 2nd grade. Due to this, and how seriously we take this, we ask that students avoid eating snacks that have these allergies and instead consume snacks that are safe for all to be around. Students may have these foods for lunch, we just ask they are saved until that time. There will be a letter coming home in Thursday folders that has more information on the allergy awareness plan.
  • Meet and Greet-  We look forward to meeting you and our newest learners this coming Monday!  

If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we will be covering more information on Back-to-School-Night on the 30th.  

Enjoy your last weekend before school starts!!