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About Me

My name is Tiffany Painter.  I have been teaching third grade at PRA since the school opened in 2011.  I love third grade!!  I have a bachelor's degree in advertising from the University of Colorado and a master's degree in education from Regis University.  I love learning too much to be in an office where I can't share with students.
When I am away from school I am usually doing something with my family. My husband and I have known each other since high school. We have two children, our son Mitch is 21 and our daughter Holly is 19. I also have two cats, Max and Riley.  I love to read, write, walk/run, cross country ski, golf.
I believe school should be about loving to learn.  In my class, we all work together to grow our brains.  Mistakes will happen, but they help us become better versions of ourselves. I believe it is better to try and fail than not to try at all. Also, the students will often hear me say it is better to be kind than right. I expect the students to treat each other with respect and be aware of each other rather than just being focused on being right.


Weekly Update, March 9th

After weeks of working, the students are ready to share their states with you.  I hope everyone can make it to school for State Night at 5:30 Monday.  Kids should wear khakis and red, white, or blue dress code shirts.
We are starting a new math unit with the study of angles and polygons.  We are also starting a new science unit  with Sound and the Ear. We started a new social studies unit last Thursday with the Southern Colonies.
Students should be finished, or almost finished, with Charlotte's Web now.  We will be writing a summary about the book this week and wrapping up or small group discussions.
On Tuesday the class will celebrate Dojo points.  Students need to have 8- percent of the points allotted for this semester. They earned points for having planner signed, doing reading logs, doing Prodigy, and turning weekly reviews on time.  Several students have not been doing these things, so Tuesday will be a reminder to them to continue doing their jobs as we continue the year.
Friday we will be celebrating Pi Day.  The kids can wear math focused shirts.

Spelling Week of March 9th

Students will learn about the /j/ sound that is spelled ge and dge.  We use dge at the end of a word or syllable after a single short vowel.  We use ge after a consonant, after a long-vowel sound, and after two vowel.
1. page
2. stage
3. cage
4. strange
5. huge
6. range
7. change
8. wage
9. hinge
10. ledge
11. grudge
12. edge
13. bridge
14. pledge
15. fudge
16. dodge
17. badge
18. lodge
Red Words

Social Studies: Southern Colonies

The Southern Colonies 

Essential Question:

What were the Southern Colonies and what did they all have in common?

Big Idea:

The Southern Colonies were Virginia, Maryland, North and South Carolina, and Georgia.  English settlers came to America to grow crops, get rich and start a new life. This land was perfect for farming and large plantations were set up to sell crops.   

Science: Sound and How the Ear Works

Essential Question: Can I describe what sound is and how it travels?

We will be studying sound and how the ear works during the next two weeks in Science.

Chapter 17/18 Angles and Polygons

We will be studying geometry the next two weeks with angles and polygons.  We will not be doing the section on congruent and symmetry as these are not third grade standards. The test for this unit will be on the Friday, March 20th.  Since students to do have class on March 19th, a review will be sent home on Wednesday.

Weekly Update for March 2nd

We have another five-day week.
In math we will finish studying area and perimeter and have the test over this unit on Friday.
In reading we will continue our study of non-fiction by adding steps in a process.  We are also continuing looking at suffixes.  This week will also be the start of reading the last four chapters in the Charlotte's Web books.   
The class will finish up explorers this week with the review and test before starting the southern colonies at the end of the week.
This week will also wrap up our Light and Eye unit.  The Sound unit will start next week.
Now for the States update: The final papers were due last Friday, but a few kids needed extra time over the weekend to finish writing and gathering text features.  We will work during access time to complete those tomorrow.  Our focus this week will be prepping for next week's state night.  The kids have worked hard getting their papers done and learning the two songs to present next week.  I hope everyone can make it.  Kids can start showing up around 5:q25 next Monday night, March 9th.  They will gather in the elementary music room and perform their two songs at 5:30.  After that, the kids will head upstairs to spread out for their presentations.  Parents will be able to walk around and stop at different kids to listen to their three favorite facts about their states. You will be able to head out around 6:30.  We ask all of the kids to wear red, white, or blue dress code shirts with tan pants.

Spelling week of March 2

This week we will focus on words with the ic spelling for the sound /ik/.
1. public
2. picnic
3. magic
4. music
5. traffic
6. topic
7. plastic
8. metric
9. basic
10. tropic
11. comic
12. static
13. poetic
14. epic
15. classic
16. Atlantic
17. Pacific
18. atomic
Red Words:

Science Unit Light

Essential Question: Can I describe what light is and how it travels?

We will be studying light, the rainbow, and how the eye works during the next two weeks in Science.

Weekly Update for February 24th

This week we will start Chapter 19 in math.  This chapter is about area and perimeter.  The test is scheduled for Friday, March 6th.
We are also starting a new science unit: Light.  This is a short unit and the unit test is scheduled for March 6th as well.
Students will be editing their state papers and adding text features this week.  Ask your child what text features they are planning on using.  They may need help printing some if they are not going to draw pictures or create graphs.  I will provide the maps they need.  The final papers are due this Friday, but most of this work will be done in class.  Next week we will be working on our presentations for State Night on March 9th.
We will be continuing our author study by reading Charlotte's Web in class.  Students are allowed to read this at home, they just need to make sure they bring their book back to school. We are also talking about nonfiction during this reading unit.  This is a great chance to encourage nonfiction reading at home.
In Social Studies, we will be wrapping up our Explorer unit. This is one of my favorite units because the explorers all made mistakes and didn't end up finding what they wanted, but rather something that had a big impact on the world.
On Friday, kids can wear PJ's to celebrate all of our March birthdays.
With only two weeks left of the third quarter, I will be starting a new accountability plan for students.  Many of them have not been getting planners signed, completing reading logs, practicing math skills on prodigy, etc.  I will be limiting my warnings and sending home a form when they are not showing the PRA way.  This is intended to give students a chance to reflect on their behavior and grow.  Please review these forms if they come home and help your child see this as a chance to work towards becoming an academic leader. Only if they get three forms for the same reason will I need to issue a referral.  I really believe kids can grow with reflection and discipline is not always needed for initial mistakes.

Spelling week of February 24th

/k/ can be spelled k and ck
Use ck at the end of a word or syllable directly after a single short vowel.
Use k after a consonant, after a long vowel sound, and after two vowels.
1. cake
2. look
3. speak
4. track
5. stick
6. squeak
7. cracker
8. bucket
9. cheek
10. locket
11. plank
12. milk
13. spark
14. drink
15. spook
16. speck
17. ticket
18. rocker
Red Words: across and breakfast