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About Me and PE


This is my fifth year teaching elementary PE at PRA. I am also the assistant coach for middle school soccer and middle school basketball. I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with my teaching degree in 2012. My hometown was Greeley, Colorado and after high school I attended a junior college in Kansas where I also played softball. I earned my undergraduate degree from Cameron University in Oklahoma. I enjoy the energy and enthusiasm that elementary students bring into PE. I also love hiking, biking, running, and stand up paddle boarding.


Most elementary students at PRA have PE twice a week. This is our current fall semester schedule: 
Painter Paulsen/Wagner Painter/Chesser
Gusa Hill/Schotters Rimmer/Gusa Hill/Schotters Rimmer
Choir&Trumpet Percussion&Brass/Woodwinds&Brass Choir&Trumpet / Low Strings High Strings/Low Strings Percussion&Brass/Woodwinds&Brass
Kapchinske/Wobschall Travis/Bruckner Kapchinske
Saylor Jackson/Benson Saylor/Rodriguez Jackson/Benson Rodriguez
Dewey / Wright       Ruby AM / Ruby PM    Wright / Dewey
Students are expected to wear PE appropriate shoes (tennis shoes or sneakers). Shoe checks are done once a month and impact an elementary student in two standards (#2 Personal Wellness and #4 Risk Prevention and Safety). If snow or rain boots are needed because of poor weather we encourage students to bring tennis shoes to change into on their PE days. 
Often, two classes come to PE at the same time and this is why Ms. Morse and Mrs. Dencklau both teach PE. Grades 3 - 5 are taught as a large combined class with one teacher leading instruction and the other teacher present for student help/support. We share teaching duties with these older grade levels. If your student is in these grades please communicate with BOTH Mrs. Dencklau and Ms. Morse. 
Grades K - 2 are taught separately. The new k-8 gym that was built summer of 2018 is large enough to comfortably allow two classes of PE to occur simultaneously. There is a dividing curtain that we use to create two distinct class environments. Mrs. Dencklau and Ms. Morse collaborate on lesson plans to ensure that, over the course of the school year, all K - 2 classes experience the same curriculum. 


  • Standard 1 is Movement Competence and Understanding. What skills can you do? What information do you know?
  • Standard 2 is Physical and Personal Wellness. Are you active in class? Do you strive to be healthy?
  • Standard 3 is Emotional and Social Wellness. What behavior do you display? Are you respectful?
  • Standard 4 is Prevention and Risk Management. Do you contribute to a safe and active atmosphere 


In the 2017-2018 school year grades 1 - 5 did a 7 minute body-weight workout as a warm-up for PE class. If you are interested, you can also download the app and experience the fun (or burn, or sweat). The app is "7 Minute Workout Challenge" by Fitness Guide Inc. The icon is the number 7 inside of a green stopwatch and is $2.99. There are in-app purchase options for more exercises, or if you consistently use the app (everyday for a week or every day for a month) you gain free access the same material. With the students we have been using the classic version which has 30 seconds of work followed by a 10 second rest interval. In the app you can change these intervals or the number of cycles to match your fitness level! Have fun and remember to exercise safely!! If you take some time to search in the app store there are many 7 minute workout versions, some are free.

FIELD DAY 2019 will occur sometime in May. Details to come later.


Have a question for Ms. Morse?  E-mail:

Have a question for Mrs. Dencklau?  E-mail:


Have a question about Elementary Intramural Sports?  

Contact Sarah Huls:


Have a question about middle school or high school athletics?  

Contact Ellie Kempfe:



Recent Posts

K - 2 current unit

In October, K - 2 students will engage in hand dribbling (basketball), hand volley (volleyball), throw and catch, and hand-eye-implement coordination. 
Hand dribbling allows students to practice repeatedly bouncing a ball on the ground. Students begin stationary (not moving) to 2nd graders being asked to walk, jog, skip, go sideways, and backwards while dribbling. If you'd like to use similar language at home we recommend:
  • Fingerpads
  • Low dribble = below knees
  • Medium dribble = waist level
  • High dribble = chin
  • Bend elbow and wrist
  • Fingerpads push the ball
  • Dribble in a way that is easy to move; ball in front? on side?
Volley skills allow students to practice keeping an object in the air by striking with hands, implements, and/or forearms. If you'd like to use similar language at home we recommend:
  • Forearm pass
  • Volleyball bump
  • Underhand serve
  • Always watch the ball
  • Keep trying, keep trying!!
  • Never give up
  • Feet help direct where the ball will go. Where are your toes pointed?
  • Bend your knees
  • Forearm is between your elbow and wrist
Hand-eye-implement coordination includes foam lollipop paddles, plastic scoops to throw and catch with. If you'd like to use similar language at home we recommend:
  • Hands ready to catch
  • Step towards your receiver
  • Say your receiver's name
  • Underhand toss
  • Overhand throw
  • Find the right force for your receiver (not too hard, not to soft)

Who is your PE teacher?

Anne Marie Dencklau and Jen Morse both teach K - 5 PE.  Because our new gym is so spacious, we are teaching K - 2 separately. Please feel free to contact either of us with questions or concerns (we are good at forwarding emails to one another if needed). However, this is a breakdown of who is teaching your student based on homeroom.
Homeroom PE teacher   Homeroom PE teacher
Jackson Morse   Benson Dencklau
Saylor Morse   Rodriguez Dencklau
Kapchinske Morse   Wobschall Dencklau
Travis Morse   Bruckner Dencklau
Ruby AM Morse      
Ruby PM Morse      
Both Dewey and Wright's kindergartners have both Morse and Dencklau. 

Fitness Testing for Grades 3 - 5

We use the FitnessGram testing protocol for most of our fitness tests. You can learn more about FitnessGram HERE. Our curl-up (abdominal strength), push-up (upper body strength), and PACER (running) tests follow FitnessGram. We also do a standing long jump that test that is not part of FitnessGram. 
You can learn more about the Cooper Institute, which developed FitnessGram and has set "healthy zones" for children based on age and gender, by clicking HERE