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This is my eighth year teaching elementary PE at PRA. I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with my teaching degree in 2012. My hometown was Greeley, Colorado and after high school I attended a junior college in Kansas where I also played softball. I earned my undergraduate degree from Cameron University in Oklahoma. I enjoy the energy and enthusiasm that elementary students bring into PE. In my free time, I love hiking, biking, running, and stand up paddle boarding. This year I will also be the head coach for middle school boys basketball.

All K - 5 students in elementary PE are asked to wear tennis shoes on their PE days. We ask that shoes cover the entire foot, tie or velcro, and provide traction. In general Vans or Converse are ok as long as the shoe has laces to tie. Shoes that are not considered tennis shoes are boots, anything with a heel, sandals, slip-on shoes, and dress shoes.


At its core, physical education is included in the school day to teach students how to be active and healthy for a lifetime. Please help teach your student that physical activities such as walks, jogs, bike rides, basketball, catch, etc. can be fun and easy to include in a daily routine. The healthier your body is, the healthier your brain is. The healthier your brain is, the better quality of life you have.



  • Standard 1 is Movement Competence and Understanding. What skills can you do? What information do you know?
  • Standard 2 is Physical and Personal Wellness. Are you active in class? Do you strive to be healthy?
  • Standard 3 is Emotional and Social Wellness. What behavior do you display? How do you interact with others?
  • Standard 4 is Prevention and Risk Management. Do you contribute to a safe and active atmosphere?
Students receive 5 grades in PE at the end of each semester. There is a grade in each of the 4 PE standards, as well as one overall grade. Grades are as follows:
  • / = Exempt. The standard was not taught, the student is not expected to know this content.
  • INS = Insufficient Information. The student did not return enough work to accurately grade them.
  • 1 = Below Standard. Even with frequent teacher help, instruction, reminders, check-ins, and/or demonstrations the student is not demonstrating progress towards grade level. 
  • 2 = Approaching Standard. The student misses some key concepts, might need frequent teacher reminders to follow expectations in class, or does not demonstrate grade level expectations for the content.
  • 3 = Meets Standard. Student is on grade level and is meeting expectations.
  • 4 = Advanced. Student is consistently performing above grade level expectations.
Why 2 PE teachers?

Often, two classes come to PE at the same time and this is why Ms. Morse and Mrs. Rosebrook both teach PE. Please check with your homeroom teacher as to what days your student has PE.

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