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About Me and PE

ACTIVITY FOR WEEK #8: Create your own field day at home with your family 
Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • 3 Legged race:  Use a bandana or some ribbon to tie your ankle with another person. Race against another team
  • Egg on Spoon:  You can either use a golf ball on a spoon and race. Or you can hard boil eggs, carry them on a spoon as you race
  • Create a small obstacle course for bikes or scooters
  • Water Balloon fun, Squirt gun fun, Slip'n'slide, or run through a sprinkler
  • Hot Potato: Put on a timer and play catch as fast as you can. Don't be the one with the object when the time is up!



Dear Parents and Students,
As you are aware, the last 8 weeks of school were through distance learning. This was a new and challenging adventure for teachers, parents and students. So it was decided it would be best to focus on the homeroom class work and make specials optional. 
Since specials were optional not all students participated. We were unable to post grades for the 4th quarter of the school year. Your students PE grade is primarily based on the 3rd quarter midterm grade. We did not feel there were not enough assignments for each standard to give an accurate grade for each standard based on the 3rd quarter. All individual standard grades will have a slash mark which means exempt. Your student will have 1 overall semester grade based on the 3rd quarter midterm grade.
We hope this communication clears up any questions or concerns about your students PE grade.
Ms. Morse and Mrs. Dencklau





Please join your grade level PE google classroom. If you need the code to join your class e-mail me.



At its core, physical education is included in the school day to teach students how to be active and healthy for a lifetime. If your family does not have the ability to join the PE google classroom, or you have a hard time fitting PE specific work in after the core academics, then please take the opportunity to talk with your student about why getting outside for a walk or bike ride or playing catch in the the park is so important. Find things you enjoy doing together and you will be more likely to do them!




This is my sixth year teaching elementary PE at PRA. I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with my teaching degree in 2012. My hometown was Greeley, Colorado and after high school I attended a junior college in Kansas where I also played softball. I earned my undergraduate degree from Cameron University in Oklahoma. I enjoy the energy and enthusiasm that elementary students bring into PE. In my free time love hiking, biking, running, and stand up paddle boarding. 


  • Standard 1 is Movement Competence and Understanding. What skills can you do? What information do you know?
  • Standard 2 is Physical and Personal Wellness. Are you active in class? Do you strive to be healthy?
  • Standard 3 is Emotional and Social Wellness. What behavior do you display? Are you respectful?
  • Standard 4 is Prevention and Risk Management. Do you contribute to a safe and active atmosphere 


1.) Run The Year (Run the Edge). LINK
I did this in 2019 found it a great way to stay motivated all year. You pay a fee, get to log miles online, and you can create a team to see if together you can complete 2,020 miles for the year 2020.
2.) I personally enjoy using a Garmin VivoFit as my activity tracker (similar to a FitBit, just a different brand.)  Garmin sells VivoFit Jr. for youth; they retail for about $70 if you are interested for your student.
3.) I personally enjoy using Run Keeper as an app that tracks my running, walking, bicycling, or swimming activities.  Like most apps, Run Keeper has a free version, or you can pay a subscription and have a broader range of features. 

Have a question for Ms. Morse?  E-mail:

Have a question for Mrs. Dencklau?  E-mail:

Have a question about Elementary Intramural Sports?  

Contact Sarah Huls:


Have a question about middle school or high school athletics?  

Contact Ellie Kempfe:



PE Office Hours

Elementary PE office hours are every Wednesday from 3pm - 4pm. Parents and/or students can join a live Google Meet to ask PE specific questions. 
The link for the google meet can be found in your PE Google Classroom.
Email is a great way to ask us a question at any time. You don't have to wait for office hours.
(At this time we ask that our PE office hours are not used for social connection. Please attend if you have a question or are experiencing trouble accessing PE content. Thank you.)

Please remember tennis shoes for PE days

As the weather begins to change, please remember tennis shoes on PE days. Having tennis shoes is a graded item for all students. We understand needing boots to come to school on snowy or muddy days. We do give students time to change into tennis shoes during PE. 

Fitness Testing for Grades 3 - 5

We use the FitnessGram testing protocol for most of our fitness tests. You can learn more about FitnessGram HERE. Our curl-up (abdominal strength), push-up (upper body strength), and PACER (running) tests follow FitnessGram. We also do a standing long jump that test that is not part of FitnessGram. 
You can learn more about the Cooper Institute, which developed FitnessGram and has set "healthy zones" for children based on age and gender, by clicking HERE