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Welcome to 7th Grade Language Arts

Welcome to 7th Grade Language Arts!


This is my 20th year teaching Language Arts and my 7th year here at PRA. When I'm not teaching, I love being outdoors. You can find me paddle boarding, skiing, running, scuba diving and hiking with my family. My husband Cori and I have twin sons in 4th grade at PRA. I also have an energetic Jack Russell Terrier named Ollie. I am excited for the year ahead of us!


In 7th Grade LA, we follow the Core Knowledge sequence.  Students will read the 1897 French play Cyrano de Bergerac, along with a series of classic short stories, two novellas, and The Diary of a Young Girl (Autobiography of Anne Frank).  We will also read classic Western poetry for a poetry unit.  For writing, we will focus primarily on nonfiction essays that describe, explain, and narrate.  We will also write a persuasive research-based speech, with a focus on defining a thesis, gathering relevant evidence, integrating quotations, and properly acknowledging sources.  Students will have frequent opportunities to express themselves orally and exhibit attentive listening skills, both in formal presentations and various types of discussions.  We will work on grammar, spelling, and vocabulary skills throughout the year.  These skills will follow the Core Knowledge Grade 7 sequence.


 I am using Google Classroom this year instead of the class webpage: 

Google Classroom:
  • In order to use my Google Classroom you must be logged into your Google Account. 
  • The link to my Google Classroom is at the bottom of this page.
  • The classroom code is K9xu97 (Standard LA) or drxjzy5 (Honors LA)
  • All copies of assignments, readings and other class materials will be posted on this platform. 
  • *Important Note: DISREGARD ANY DUE DATES on assignments, etc. Google Classroom makes you put in a due date and will say assignments are late. Assignments will NOT be handed in on Google Classroom. I will always have students hand in homework in class. 
How to Use my Google Classroom Page:
  • The easiest way to find information is to go to "Classwork" tab on top, or "calendar view" (click the three lines at the top left of the page and select "calendar")
  • I would NOT rely on the "stream" in the middle of the page when you login to find assignments as they are often posted out of order. 
  • The assignment description will tell when it is due, when an upcoming test will be etc. 
  • Both the calendar view and the classwork tab are a great resource if you've been absent or have missing assignments to make up!


Units of Study:
Call of the Wild (Summer Reading)
Grammar - Shurley English
Greek and Latin Roots and Phrases
6 Traits of Writing
Cyrano de Bergerac
Short Stories
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Persuasive Speech
The Diary of a Young Girl- Anne Frank
Words of the Week (WoW)
Greek and Latin Roots links