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Advice From Previous Students

At the end of the school year I had my students complete a survey about Blended Learning and one question asked them to give advice to my future students. Here are actual responses from my students.
Make sure that you do the note video before class and ask questions during class
Don't procrastinate and get everything done on time so you don't fall behind.
A blended classroom is a class where you need to take initiative for your own learning. If you work hard for the first few weeks of each semester and get ahead, it is possible to shift what you need to get done at home each week to fit your own schedule. It doesn't matter how "smart" you are, if you aren't willing to take responsibility for your own learning then you will crash and burn in this class. If you do take responsibility for yourself, you will flourish.
Don't treat the class like it's not important only because it's blended learning.
have and open mind and do your notes when your supposed to
Stay focused and always watch the video. Work through the video at your pace, it is okay to pause and rewind.
I absolutely loved this teaching method. I would advise that all students use class time wisely and stay on top of the notes. I know this is what teachers tell us anyway, but especially with blended learning, it is easy to fall behind (or get far ahead). I would also suggest that every student takes advantage of the resources available. Classmates are a great starting points for questions. Beyond that, everything is posted on the schoology page, and because of the style of classroom, Mrs. Frost is walking around to answer challenging questions. I think that every student has the potential to be very successful and learn a lot from a blended learning classroom.
DO YOUR NOTES. Find a buddy to work on book work in class gives you something to look forward to. Unless the pace is way to slow for you, stay with the class. Ask questions at the end of the video. Rewatch the videos before the test.
Make sure you keep up with the videos and notes. Get ahead if you have the time just in case a subject later on is more difficult for you and takes more time to learn.
Don't get behind in class.
Stay on top of your notes. Once you fall behind it is very hard to catch up.
I would tell future students to keep an open mind when entering a blended learning classroom. Even though it may seem scary and different at first they may find that there are advantages to being placed in a blended learning classroom.
watch the videos
At first you'll hate it, but give it a try and eventually you'll get the hang of it and you'll do better than in a traditional class.
Do the notes or you will fall behind.
Don't be stupid... watch the videos and take good notes or else you wont learn and that's on you
Do all your notes all the time don't skip any of them or the pieces will not connect.
do your notes at home, it does not take a long time
Don't procrastinate
You need to do your notes. Which I found harmful because I was not organized throughout most of the year and wouldn't know when we had notes due.
Make sure to listen to the videos and take extra notes on what you didn't understand, before a text look again at notes and class practice. complete all mastery checks to the highest grade you can get. If you do not strive for the 100% then your grade is not as high as it could be.
Watch the videos, it isn't hard.
ask questions
Do the notes at home not during class
Do your notes!
If you don't understand a unit then go to office hours until you understand it because if you don't, then you'll most likely never understand it until you do.
It's very effective if you watch the videos.
Give it a chance
Keep on Track
Stay on track
treat the mastery checks like an actual test so that you are checking your understanding without the help of notes or peers!
Get it done on time, and pay attention to the video and be engaged in it
I would tell them to make sure to watch the videos and do the notes before class, and also to ask questions whenever they have one, and not keep them to themselves.
Watch notes at home!!!
Always go back and watch the notes videos before a test
 You need to stay on top of what you have to do and if you don't get it then ask someone who does get it or ask Mrs. Frost. Don't give up hope if you cant understand one topic in a unit.
Don't Panic!
don't procrastinate too much
Don’t get behind
Come in with an open mind
Watch the videos on time even if they aren't worth any part of your grade, otherwise you will fall significantly behind.
The notes are easy, do it before you get to class. Don't panic.
Working ahead is nice because it makes you feel more prepared and sometimes you won't have homework. Also don't get behind, you will regret it when the test is the next day and you have to do an entire unit in a night.