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About Me

Hello Everyone!
My name is Ms. Drzewiecki (pronounced Ja-vet-ski).  It's my fourth year here at PRA and I can't be more excited. I teach 7th & 10th grade Health and High School PE/Total Fitness. I practice what I preach as Health, Wellness and Fitness are very huge parts of my life. I enjoy hiking, climbing, biking, running, white water rafting and most of all snowboarding. I also enjoy weight training, boxing and HIIT. Most likely you will find me doing one of these things.  I grew up in Leelanau County, Michigan and received my Bachelors from Central Michigan University and my masters from Grand Canyon University in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).  I also have background in Special Education (Special Education Generalist) as I taught Therapeutic Recreation at a residential treatment facility in Westminster.  
 I look forward to meeting you :)

Total Fitness
*PE Class Updates!*

I will post weekly Participation and Preparation grades on Friday's. If you happen to see a -10 before Friday, this for example means the student was not dressed out or lost Participation points, Category depending.  So, in this case 40-10= 30 points for the week in that category. At the end of the Semester 6 random Participation weeks will be selected by Google Generator and changed to Assessment Grades. This is due to PE, Total Fitness and Weight Training being a Participation Course in which will give us a better snapshot of student effort within the semester. 


Recent Posts

Just another typical 3p Health Class

Students are working on their analysis of their One week food log... but John Denver seems to be so calming :)

Defense Mechanism-Rationalization (10th Grade Health)

Students were divided into groups and given a common defense mechanism and asked to create a 2 min video to portray their defense mechanism. Their short videos were then added into lecture and discussed.