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About Me

Hello! My name is Christie Heald. (Formerly Christie Cutshall. I got married March 1st, 2020. My new last name, Heald, rhymes with field.)
This is my tenth year of teaching, ninth year at PRA, and second year as the elementary technology teacher.  
I have my undergrad from the University of Northern Colorado in Elementary Education with an emphasis in fine arts. I have my masters degree from Regis University in Educational Instructional Technology. 
Outside of school, I love to read and I try to read 75-100 books every year. I lead the elementary Battle of the Books club at PRA with Mrs. Painter. I love anything and everything having to do with Disney. (I even spent a summer working at Walt Disney World in Florida.) I go rock climbing every week. I sing, play the guitar, and the cello. I juggle. My favorite color is blue, my favorite animal is a dolphin, my favorite food is vanilla ice cream, and I am allergic to gluten. 



Rube Goldberg Machines

Thank you so much to all the kids that participated in tech last week and made their very own Rube Goldberg Machines! They turned out great! Nice job, Miners!!!

A Celebration- 5th Grade Projects

Hello Wonderful PRA Community! 
I wanted to share a celebration with you all! Even amid our distance learning, our 5th graders have been working diligently on their big technology project: researching, writing, and recording their very own TED Talks. (If you aren't familiar with TED Talks, check out this video or their youtube channel and get ready to be inspired!) 
The students have been working for months on this project and their time and effort has really paid off. Please enjoy this playlist of their finished work (along with videos from last years 5th graders as well.) 
I am super proud of all they have accomplished and you should be too! 
~Mrs. Heald 

Navigating Mrs. Heald's Website

Here is a tutorial video showing you how to navigate my PRA website. All of the Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade lessons for distance learning are on my PRA website. Here is what that looks like! Lesson videos and directions will always say "Tech Week of _____" in the title, so you know what is a lesson and what other things are optional.

Hello Wonderful Parents! 
Thanks for all your patience as we're figuring out distance learning together!
I have heard that sometimes content isn't displaying properly on my PRA website. I'm looking into it, but for now, if a video or some other content isn't showing up properly, especially from the emails you get alerting you that new content is up, you can go to my website directly and scroll down to click on your child's grade level. The content appears to be working properly there. 
Please let me know if it isn't! Thank you so much! We're all in this together! 

Just for Fun Lesson: Paper Cranes and Space

This lesson is just for fun if you have some extra time after your schoolwork.

Just for Fun: Paper Cranes Tutorial

This is a tutorial that goes with my video lesson about paper cranes and the Japanese space agency requiring their astronaut candidates to attempt to make 1,000 paper cranes. Watch my video for more information!

How Mrs. Heald Does Distance Learning for Technology

Hello Wonderful PRA Students! I miss you all but I am so excited to embark on this new distance learning journey with you. Are you ready? Every Monday I will be posting a new tech lesson for you. Kindergerten, first grade, and second grade, your tech lesson will be on my PRA website. Third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade, your tech lesson will be in my google classroom, just like we do when you come to tech at school. I’ll also be posting some additional lessons, most of which don’t have to do with technology specifically, but are more for fun if you have some extra time and want to learn something new. I’ll be sure to label these lessons “just for fun.” (I think many of these will probably be about space.) These lessons don’t count as your tech lesson of the week, they’re extra. If you have questions, you or your parents can send me an email or visit me on Google Hangouts Meet during office hours Wednesdays from 3-4pm. I look forward to seeing you all online soon! Thanks!

A Message from our Technology Director, Lynn Gregory:

Our distance learning expectations will not require students to be online all day. We believe that most families will be able to manage with students sharing devices our families already have at home. Your students do not need a Chromebook to accomplish tasks. In most cases, an iPad, laptop, desktop, or even a smartphone will be sufficient. On a case-by-case basis, we will work with your family if you have a need for a device.  If you are interested in checking out a device for your student(s), please fill out the Chromebook Usage Agreement Form after reviewing the Chromebook Handbook by 9AM on Monday March 30th for distribution in the driveline that same afternoon. With our practice of social distancing, we are asking that you not exit your vehicle and wait for the delivery of those devices to you when you arrive on campus.  Please bring a photo ID.

Your students will need to be able to access their PRA Google account to participate in some of the learning activities.  All students at PRA are issued an account, their username is their legal first name plus their student number @ our domain .  Email if your student does not recall their password, and after trying their 8 digit birthdate as the password to login.  We also recommend using Google’s Chrome Browser (free to download on any device) for connected apps like Classroom and Hangouts/Meet when directed by your student’s teacher. We recommend you test logging in at this weekend so we have time to respond to families experiencing issues before Wednesday when remote learning activities begin.

Your student will begin receiving remote learning lessons from each of their teachers on Wednesday.  Email your student’s teacher directly with questions about lessons or expectations. Email if you have technology related issues or questions.   Many of our teachers will be using Google Classroom to manage distance learning, if you’d like to see what that looks like for your student, or need assistance supporting your student at home with this app, please take the time to review this tutorial.  If you’re wondering what Hangouts/Meet is, you can preview its features here.  Video tutorial assistance for all google apps are widely available on the internet by searching the app name.  Research on your own and then reach out to us if you have questions. 

Stay healthy, and stay safe -both physically and online!  
~Lynn Gregory    
Technology Director at Prospect Ridge Academy

spirit week
It's virtual spirit week! Everyone should participate and send in pics! Let's stay connected even when social distancing!