About Me

About Me:


Welcome!  My name is Dr. Cohen and I teach 7th grade Life Science. I am also a coach for our HS and MS Science Olympiad teams. Before teaching at PRA I completed my B.A. and Ph.D. in Biology at CU Boulder...Go Buffs!!! My Ph.D. research was focused a fish called the Cuckoo Catfish, so you may notice the fish theme in my room and might even hear some kids calling me Dr. Fish. In graduate school I spent a lot of time traveling around Colorado teaching science lessons, and found that I love teaching middle school science!!! 

When I'm not at PRA, I am usually spending time with my family.  My wife Alisha and I have a daughter named Malia, a son named Miles, and a Jack Russell Terrier named Roxy. In my free time I also enjoy playing hockey, fishing, and snowboarding. 

I am excited for the new school year and know it will be a wonderful and memorable year. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.  Thanks! 

Google Classroom:
  • In order to use my Google Classroom you must be logged into your PRA Google Account. .
  • The Google Classroom codes are: 
  • qbr6pir (2nd Period Life Science)
  • chdnmbf (4th Period Life Science) 
  • i2fdhd4 (5th Period Life Science) 
  • a2rnfxj (6th Period Life Science) 
  • zfocaus (7th Period Life Science)
  • cuvkor3 (Access)
  • All copies of assignments, readings and other class materials will be posted on this platform. 
How to Use my Google Classroom Page:
  • The easiest way to find information is to go to "Classwork" tab on top
  • The calendar will also tell you about due dates for assignments, upcoming tests, and other events.
  • The classwork section is organized by topic and contains handouts, assignments, PowerPoints, videos, etc. for each investigation in each unit.
  • Both the calendar view and the classwork tab are a great resource if you've been absent or have missing assignments to make up!