Weekly Update 3/9-3/13

Important Dates: 
Monday- 50 Nifty State Night from 5:30-6:30 at PRA K8 Cafeteria
Tuesday- Mici Dining Fundraiser 
Friday- Pi Day!!! Wear a math shirt or dress up as a Mathematician!
What we are learning this week: 
Math: We begin our angles and lines unit this week.
Reading: We have finished The One and Only Ivan and will be celebrating the book sometime this week.  We are now reading The Mango Shaped Space.
    -Comprehension: Technical Texts
    -Vocabulary: Suffixes, Quiz this week!
Writing:  Fictional Narratives 
     -DLI: Week 23
/j/ spelled ge and dge
Use dge at the end of a word or syllable after a single short vowel
Use ge after a consonant, after a long-vowel sound, and after two vowels
1. page
2. stage
3. cage
4. strange
5. huge
6. range
7. change
8. wage
9. hinge
10. ledge
11. grudge
12. edge
13. bridge
14. pledge
15. fudge
16. dodge
17. badge
18. lodge
Red Words
1. meant
2. minute
Science: We are starting our Sound Unit this week by talking about ears and vibrations.  
Social Studies: Southern Colonies- John Smith, Jamestown, Virginia, and Maryland!