Weekly Update 3/2-3/6

Important Dates: 
Wednesday- Skate City Night!
Thursday- Character Assembly 
Friday- Mr. Chesser out, Mrs. Reeves subbing
What we are learning this week: 
Math: Continue our area and perimeter unit this week!
Reading: We are reading The One and Only Ivan.  We have been responding to this text with great precision!
    -Comprehension: Scientific Texts
    -Vocabulary: Suffixes!!!
Writing:  We are finishing up final drafts and working on posters!
     -DLI: Week 22
/ik/ Spelled ic, also "ic" is also a suffix
These are the "ic" words, they have the /k/ sound, but end in ic
1. public
2. picnic
3. magic
4. music
5. traffic
6. topic
7. plastic
8. metric
9. basic
10. tropic
11. comic
12. static
13. poetic
14. epic
15. classic
16. Atlantic
17. Pacific
18. atomic
Red Words
1. arctic
2. cereal
Science: We will continue our Light Unit this week as we learn about why we see colors!
Social Studies: Early Explorers Test and the beginning of The Southern Colonies!