Weekly Update 2/24-2/28

Important Dates: 
Tuesday- Weekly Review and Prodigy (30 problems) Due
Friday- PJ Bday Day
What we are learning this week: 
Math: We are starting our area and perimeter unit this week!
Reading: We are reading The One and Only Ivan.  We have been responding to this text with great precision!
    -Vocabulary: Suffixes!!!
Writing:  We are editing and completing out State Paper Final Draft Books
     -DLI: Week 21-Correct Verb Tenses and Verb Agreement
     -Spelling: /k/ can be spelled k and ck
Use ck at the end of a word or syllable directly after a single short vowel.
Use k after a consonant, after a long vowel sound, and after two vowels.
1. cake
2. look
3. speak
4. track
5. stick
6. squeak
7. cracker
8. bucket
9. cheek
10. locket
11. plank
12. milk
13. spark
14. drink
15. spook
16. speck
17. ticket
18. rocker
Red Words
19. across
20. breakfast
     -Writing: Using notes and research to create and edit rough drafts
Science: We begin our Light Unit this week as we learn about the eye!
Social Studies: Francisco Coronado, Spanish Conquistadors, and some other European Explorers!