Weekly Update 2/3-2/7

Important Dates: 
Monday: Class Picture Day
Tuesday: Doctor Visits and WONDER SHIRTS(Jeans/athletic wear ok)
Wednesday: Vision Screenings
Friday: PRA SPIRIT/College Spirit
What we are learning this week: 
Math: Fractions!!! We will be discussing and practicing equivalent fractions.  
Reading: We will be finishing   and Me: Pluto Chapter
    -Comprehension: Text Features
    -Vocabulary: Prefixes
    -Book Projects: We are continuing reading Classics and taking notes this week!
     -DLI: Contractions and Homophones finishes up!
     -Writing: Using State resources to find big ideas 
Science: Joints, doctor visits, and muscles!
Social Studies: Finish Early Americans and Start Early Explorers of North America.