Weekly Update 1/27-1/31

Important Dates: 
Wednesday: Bone Quiz 
Thursday: State Research Due & PJ BDAY DAY
Friday: PRA SPIRIT-Blackout Day
What we are learning this week: 
Math: Division continues and we have a test Tuesday.  This is an introduction unit and very challenging.  Mastery happens in fourth grade and 2's are OK.
Reading: We will be finishing Auggie and Me: Pluto Chapter
    -Comprehension: Text Features
    -Vocabulary: Prefixes
    -Book Projects: We start reading Classics and taking notes this week!
     -DLI: Contractions and Homophones 
     -Spelling: Consonant -le Syllables
The consonant -le ending is a syllable that always ends a word. The final e is silent.
1. table
2. candle
3. sniffle
4. giggle
5. twinkle
6. staple
7. little
8. puzzle
9. castle
10. whistle
11. jungle
12. apple
13. puddle
14. bubble
15. simple
16. ramble
17. maple
18. wrestle
  Red Words
1. talk
2. these
     -Writing: How to respond to a prompt and typing on on chrome books
Science: Facts about bones and Bone Quiz Wednesday!
Social Studies: Eastern Woodlands and Review