Weekly Update 1/20-12/24

Important Dates: 
Monday: No School 
Tuesday:  i-Ready Math Testing
Wednesday: i-Ready Math Testing
Monday: Start reading The One and Only Ivan. Grab a copy of a book if you want.  I'll order scholastic order late tonight!
What we are learning this week: 
Math: Division continues and we introduce long division!!!
Reading: We will be reading Auggie and Me: Pluto Chapter
    -Comprehension: Text Features
    -Vocabulary: Prefixes
    -Book Projects: We start reading Classics on Thursday!!!
     -DLI: Possessive vs. Plural Nouns
     -Spelling: The /o/ sound can be spelled au or aw
1. Use au at the beginning or in the middle of a word unless the /o/ sound is followed by a single n or l; then use aw. Exceptions include awe, awning, lawyer, hawk, awful, haul, Paul.
2. Use aw at the end of a word for the /o/ sound.
1. pause
2. because
3. laundry
4. author
5. sauce
6. fault
7. cause
8. crawl
9. shawl
10. lawn
11. draw
12. yawn
13. flaw
14. squawk
15. drawn
16. law
17. lawyer
18. awful
  Red Words
1. people
2. parent
     -Writing: How to respond to a prompt
Science: Mr. Bones Craft and all about the inside of our bones!
Social Studies: Southwest and Southeast Tribes