Weekly Update 1/13-1/17

Important Dates: 
Monday: i-Ready Reading Testing
Tuesday:  i-Ready Reading Testing
Friday: STUCO Spirit Day (Announcement coming soon)
What we are learning this week: 
Math: Division introduction!
Reading: We will be reading Auggie and Me: Pluto Chapter
    -Comprehension: Text Features
    -Vocabulary: None
     -DLI: Singular Possessive Nouns
     -Spelling: The /ou/ sound can be spelled ou or ow.
1. Use ou at the beginning or in the middle of a word unless the /ou/ sound is followed by
2. Use ow at the end of a word for the /ou/ sound
1. ground
2. sound
3. out
4. mouth
5. stout
6. pounce
7. blouse
8. around
9. how
10. shower
11. now
12. power
13. tower
14. plow
15. drown
16. clown
17. crown
18. flower
  Red Words
1. today
2. sure
     -Writing: Finding Big Ideas and Details from a Prompt. State Assigned for State Informational Writing. More information coming soon!
Science: Start the Human Body Unit- Joints and Bones
Social Studies: Start Early Americans Unit- Beringia, First Settlers, and Anasazi