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About Me

Hi! My name is Jason Chesser and this is my fourth year of teaching, the last three years have been amazing here at PRA.  I have done observations and student teaching here at PRA so I feel like I have been around a lot longer than three years.  I have a bachelor's degree in History from the University of Colorado at Boulder and my teaching license from the Metropolitan State University of Denver.  
I love teaching third grade and my favorite subject to teach is Social Studies.  I have a passion to make it fun, exciting and memorable for every student.  This year reading will have some pop culture (aka superhero) fun included!  I have a energetic yet structured classroom full of movement and learning!!!  
Outside of school I am all about family!  I have been married to my beautiful wife for over six years and we have two kids.  My daughter Ally is six and will be in First Grade this year.  My son Jordan (JT) is 2 years old, we all had a great summer together.  I will have plenty of fun stories to share this year as I watch both my kids grow.  I like to run (coach Canary Running), do Camp Gladiator workouts,  enjoy Superhero Movies and Shows, Harry Potter and Star Wars and I am obsessed with the Super Bowl 50 Champion Denver Broncos and Colorado Buffs!   


Recent Posts

2019 Third Grade Bone Project

We went over this today!  Students have their information inside their Thursday Folder!  Their bone name is on the top right corner.  Please read over the handout.  It tells you how to safely research your bone.  You may need to help students find a resource.  One picture and one article is needed.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Do not write the paragraph at home, we will do this in class. 

Weekly Update: 1/14-1/18

**Character Assembly on Wednesday! New trait is Courage.
**Science Day is Thursday! Students will spend the entire day being scientists!
**CORE KNOWLEDGE NIGHT is Thursday from 5-7pm (Park at High School)
Math: We are learning how to compare money by adding and subtracting.
Writing: Personal Narratives!  Students are curating brainstorming and planning their rough drafts.
Reading: Biography Book Choices are do Friday!  
Orton Gillingham: We are reviewing all learned concepts and red words.
Science: Human Body- Learning about bones, where they are, and how many!
Social Studies: Early Americans-The first settlers in North America
Character: Courage

A Rock is DUE FRIDAY!!!

Hello Third Grade Parents, 
We are currently learning about Vikings in Social Studies.  Make sure to ask your child about the raids that have been happening in 3rd Grade!  We have a lesson on runes coming up and students will be getting some hands on learning during this lesson.  Each student needs to bring in a rock so they can scribe their name into it using the runic alphabet.  The rock should be somewhat smooth and should be no smaller than their palm and no bigger than their hand.  Students need rocks by Friday Dec. 14th.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Have a great weekend!

Weekly Update: 12/10-12/14

**Lunch with Mr. Chesser and Free Time during access to celebrate hitting the learning target is Tuesday!!!
**$1 Student Council Day is Friday- Ugly Sweater/Festive wear (festive hats ok)
Math: We will be reviewing this semester's math concepts and taking a midyear test.
Writing: Students will be free writing this week!
Reading: We will be focusing on book clubs this week and reviewing comprehension strategies. 
Orton Gillingham: ee or ea for green words and red words are there and their
Science: Astronomy review and test
Social Studies: We will learn about Gods, Eric the Red, and Leif Ericsson
Character: This month is on Charity

Matott Book Orders Due Tomorrow!

If you haven't ordered books yet here is a copy to order!  Orders are due by the end of the day tomorrow :-) Mrs. Painter will send orders tomorrow afternoon.  This is a very neat opportunity to get a book by an author they will meet and he signs them too!

Weekly Update: 12/3-12/7

**Character Assembly on Wednesday about Charity 
**PRA Spirit Day on Friday!
**Astronomy Project Presentations are Monday Dec. 10th from 1:45-2:15!!! Parents are welcome too!!!
Math: We are finishing up our first unit of division this week but will touch back next week for test corrections and review.  
Writing: Poetry has been fun! This week we are learning Haikus and Diamante
Reading: We will be focusing on book clubs this week and reviewing comprehension strategies 
Orton Gillingham: s blends for green words and red words are people and against
Science: Astronomy Project Work
Social Studies: Vikings! Ask your child what we did on Tuesday!
Character: This month is on Charity

**Pajama Day is Wednesday Nov. 28th
**Astronomy Project research and supplies due Mon. Dec. 3rd!
Math: Starting division!  We will be working on mental math and long division
Writing: Poetry- free verse and acrostic
Reading: Main Idea, Book Clubs, Synonyms, Antonyms and Homonyms 
Orton Gillingham: l-blends; red words are great and above 
Science: Space Exploration
Social Studies: Ancient Rome Unit Review and Test 
Character: Students are on a secret mission to find an amazing compliment about a classmate

How can you give this week?

A Precious Child winter coat drive Please donate used winter jackets or gear through Friday!
Wed., Nov. 14 - "PRA GIVES" Day Please contribute during this 24 hour period! Every little bit helps our school to serve your children.

Astronomy Learning Projects

Astronomy Project Packets are coming home today (Monday the 12th)! 
  • Choices are due Wednesday the 14th so I can approve choices!
  • Research in packet is December 3rd along with supplies! 
  • We will work on one written piece and one project piece in class (student work) the week of the 26th!

IMPORTANT: Updated Schedule for Free Dress, $1 Spirit and Pompeii Day!

We combined free dress and crazy sock & hair day on Wednesday in order to focus on Rome Thursday.  
Wednesday: Free Dress Day along with $1 Crazy Hair and Sock Day.  Students can participate in free dress day for free but if they want to have crazy hair or socks they need to bring in $1 to support Student Council.  
Thursday: Pompeii Day, students will dress as Romans.  There will be no $1 spirit day on this day so we can focus on being Romans. If they choose not to participate in Roman attire they need to be in dress code

Character Video

During our classroom meeting we took some time to watch a video. I paused the video throughout and had the students write about feelings they saw, feeling they felt, predictions and finally how to help others. This is a commercial from Thailand that might bring you to tears. We had great conversations about how emotions and feelings are more powerful than things. We talked about helping others, putting others before ourselves and how helping others can help yourself feel happiness and joy. Take a look, shed some tears and enjoy a cool discussion with your kiddo :-)

Weekly Update: 11/5-11/9

** Assembly on Wednesday!
** Wear BLUE on Friday for Miner Mania Day
Math: We are working on Multi-Digit Multiplication!!! Test on Friday
Writing: We started our Poetry Unit this week on Similes, Metaphors, and Personification
Reading: Compare and Contrast, Drawing Conclusions and how to write a summary
Orton Gillingham: 'r' blends for green words and red words are much and who
Science: Eclipses, moon phases and meteors/comets
Social Studies: Dictators, Gladiators, Colloseum and Circus Maximus
Character: This month is on Wonder: how to wonder about your peers