Prospect Ridge Academy

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Seat Acceptance Policy

Families enrolling their children in the Prospect Ridge Academy (PRA) lottery will, upon completion of the lottery, receive an email from PRA notifying them that their child(ren) have either been (i) selected for an open PRA position, or (ii) placed on the waiting list. [Applicants should ensure their SchoolMint contact preferences include email.]
Before July 15th, families of children selected for open PRA positions will be provided seventy-two (72) hours to confirm acceptance of the open position within SchoolMint account. After July 15th, families will have twenty-four (24) hours to accept an offered PRA position.
We strongly encourage families to attend an Open Enrollment Session in order to tour the school and have any questions answered prior to entering the lottery, as last-minute tours are not available on short notice once an offer has been made.
Once the position is accepted, all requisite paperwork and fees must be submitted to PRA within five (5) business days. All fees are non-refundable.
If acceptance is not received within seventy-two (72) hours (or twenty-four hours if offered a seat after July 15th) or if requisite paperwork and/or fees are not received within the five (5) business days, PRA will treat the non-response as a declination and move to the waitlist to fill the open position. This process will be repeated until all available positions have been filled.
Those families wanting to be placed back on the waitlist will need to resubmit their information to the post-lottery waitlist on our website.