Prospect Ridge Academy

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Existing PRA Families

As a reminder, ALL students currently attending Prospect Ridge Academy are automatically enrolled in the next grade level at PRA for the following school year. If you would like your PRA student to return to PRA next year, you simply need to complete the Spring Intent to Return process and the required forms to secure your seat.
If you have other children that you would like to attend PRA next year, you must enter them into the enrollment lottery. Space is not guaranteed for siblings, although they do receive priority in the lottery.
A lottery entry form will be available on the enrollment web page from December 1st through January 31st annually. Families entering children in the lottery will be notified after February 7th if their student(s) is offered a seat in a class or if they are placed on the waitlist. The waitlist is kept (and accessed if spaces become available) until late September when enrollment closes. The waitlist is then wiped clean and families must re-enter the next year, if desired.
Please remember, since PRA is now your current PRA student's "boundary" school, you will need to participate in the district's choice program or in-district transfer request process in order to attend another Adams 12 school next year, even if you are transferring to your neighborhood school. If you participate in the district choice program and are placed at your school of choice, this district approved assignment is legally binding; you are forfeiting your student's current spot at PRA by participating in the Adams 12 choice program.
Additionally, if you know your family will be moving over the summer and your children will no longer attend PRA, we ask that you complete and sign a Withdrawal Form. This form is available from either school office.
Please contact with any questions.