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Kindergarten Enrollment


(Updated and Approved June 2017)

For the kindergarten enrollment lottery, you will indicate the class times your child would be able to attend. If you would consider more than one class time, you may also indicate your class preferences (full day, half day (AM), half day (PM)) when entering the lottery.  If your child is selected in the lottery, you will be offered a position according to the class availability and your indicated preference(s).  If you would be unable to accept a particular class section, please do not apply for that class.

To accept a position offered to your child, you must (i) submit your written acceptance within seventy-two (72) hours of the offer and (ii) return all requisite paperwork plus the annual student fee within five business days of acceptance. Kindergarten families must bring a birth certificate at this time. Kindergarten families may have until the school’s spring roundup date to pay the full day class deposit, if applicable.

For offers extended after PRA’s spring roundup day, the entire enrollment packet and all fees must be submitted within five business days of acceptance.

To accept a position offered to your child after July 15th, you must submit (i) your acceptance and fees for full day kindergarten by 5:00pm of the business day following the offer and (ii) all requisite paperwork and annual student fees within five business days of the offer.  

All children not selected for a position through the lottery will automatically be added to the wait list in the order in which his/her name was selected in the lottery.

If you accept a space offered for your second or third preference class time (as indicated on your lottery entry form), your child will remain on the list for your indicated first (and second) preference class time. Movement to a higher preference class is not guaranteed; class switches will be offered in lottery assigned priority and only if spaces become available.

In the event you elect to decline an offered position, or do not accept the position as set forth above, the offer will be considered revoked and the position will be offered to the next person selected in the lottery.  You may reapply using the post lottery wait list, if desired.

Early Entrance (for advanced and gifted students)
Parents who wish to explore early entrance possibilities for their child must follow the Adams 12 screening process. Please visit the Adams 12 website for additional information.