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Miner Athlete of the Month - October - MS Cross Country -

Jacob Ellinger: Jacob led our boys team to their best-ever season. He embodies the spirit of cross country with his focus, grit, patience, and love for the sport.

Emma Chambers: During our league meet, Emma got injured while running. Instead of dropping out, she showed true perseverance and determination by finishing the race and showing everyone her toughness.
EVERY MONDAY, runners will be picked up from Anthem Community Park.
Please be on time for pick-up.
This includes the first day of practice.
  • Where: meet at the picnic tables in between the HS field and the HS building
  • When: 3:30-5:00 EVERY DAY
  • All athletes must participate in a minimum of 3 practices per week if they wish to participate in the meet for that week.
  • All athletes must participate in a minimum of 5 practices before running in their first meet.
What should I bring to practice every day?
  • Running shoes
    • If team members forget their running shoes, they will NOT be allowed to participate in practice that day.
  • Appropriate running clothes
    • If team members forget their running clothes, they will NOT be allowed to participate in practice that day. School uniforms are not acceptable running attire.
  • Water bottle
    • Fill it up BEFORE practice starts!
  • Healthy snack
    • Fruits, veggies, sports bar, etc.
Race Information
  • Complete race schedule is posted below.
  • Details about when runners need to be at the race venue will be published on this site before every race. 
  • All transportation to and from meets must be provided by parents. You can organize a carpool if you want!
Congratulations our runners at the state championship races on Saturday! Boys finished 15/62, and girls were 26/51. Both amazing results!!!