2021- 2022 Tryouts
April 27 & 28 tryout clinic
April 30 tryout
K-8 Gym 
Time TBD
Application will be available starting 4:00pm on Monday March 29th and will be open until April 19th! 
Demonstration of taught Jumps, Cheer, Sideline, Fight Song, Dance
Stunt: We will teach this at the clinic. 
Tumbling: We will go over this during the clinic.
Do I have to go to the clinic to be able to try out? 
A: No, however, to learn the material you will need to obtain it either form the coaches or another athlete.
Do I have to go to all the nights of the clinic?
A: No, going to them can only help you learn what will be asked for at tryouts. You can get one on one coaching from the coaches and others that have been on the team before and know what it takes to make the team.
What if I don't have tumbling can I still make the team?
A: Yes you can still make the team. We walk you through what to do for the tumbling portion if you don't have the skills.
What happens if I make the team?
A: First off, Celebrate!!!  Then it's time to get to work! The coaches spell out what the next steps are in the parent meeting and the following after tryouts complete! 
What is the time commitment to be a PRA Cheer?
A: It is time consuming to be on the cheer team. It is a simi year round program that entails practices, games, competitions, and community service! Using time management skills will help with the time commitment and school! The team is good about helping each other and making sure everyone is on track with grades and prioritizing what needs to get done! It is very doable to be a cheer at PRA!