10 Straddle leg lifts (each Side)

10 straddle leg lifts (together)

20 Pike leg lifts (together)

15 squats

20 Toe raises (each side)

20 To raises (together)

10 each jump (Toe Touch, Double Toe, Pike, Hurdler (each side)


20 Crunches

20 Sit ups

10 Pike Ups

10 Straddle Ups

20 sec hollow body hold

10 bicycles starting on the right


10 pushups

10 dips

10 burpees

10 planks to pushups

Stretching make sure to continue to stretch in the post season!
Center in between legs
Reach to side (both side)
Deeper (middle split)
Together touch toes
Runners lunge (both sides)
Hamstring Up (both sides)
Quad (both sides)
Catchers Deep (bottoms down!)
Catchers Push (both sides)
Straddle reach forward
Straddle reach to side (both sides)
Straddle over back (both sides)
Leg straight out (in front of body reach forward, both sides)
Pike stretch
Pull arm over (both sides)
Arm behind head (both sides)
Ankle rolls
Ankle pops
Splits (both sides)
Back Bends Kick Over 
Stretches for Heel Stretches
Lay on back pull leg to shoulder (both sides) Use band, belt, rope do not allow to roll hip to side.
Have a friend stand in front and put leg on their shoulder they grab on your shoulders and pull close (both legs)
Lift leg on wall extend and bend extend and bend (both legs)
You can watch the stretches below: WARNING DO NOT OVERSTRETCH YOUR MUSCLES they can become aggravated and tear! 
Flyer Stretching | Episode 20 | Gabi Butler Cheer