PRA National Honor Society

Welcome to PRA's Chapter of the National Honor Society!
     The National Honor Society was first started in Pittsburgh as the National Association of Secondary School Principals by Dr. Edward Rynearson in 1921. Today, the National Honor Society has more than one million members worldwide. Outstanding students work together to better the community through leadership, service, scholarship, and character. 
Attention all National Honor Society Members:
     Please show up to meetings on time. All members are needed to get full input on issues and projects. 
     If you cannot go to a meeting, please fill out the following Google Form:
Our Officers:
President- Erin Choi 
Vice President- Celina Cookson
Secretary- Paige Rhodes
Treasurer- Payton Smith
Parliamentarian- Kateri Trujillo
Historian- Ian Duran
Our Committees:
The Leadership Committee aims to be resourceful in new problems, applying principles, and making helpful suggestions. 
Chairperson(s): Vidhura Kumar
(Combined photo with Character Committee) 
The Service Committee assists those in need with cooperation, commitment, enthusiasm, and respect.
Chairperson(s): Adele Eberhardt
The Scholarship Committee guides others in finding inspiration in the world and how it relates to work done in a classroom. 
Chairperson(s): Victoria Hays, Kyle Nguyen
The Character committee aims to demonstrate respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship. 
Chairperson(s): Lily Stock
(Combined photo with Leadership Committee)