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Class of 2018

Getting Ready for Senior Year

By: Araceli Silva

Class of 2018, we find ourselves as seniors on the brink of graduation. The real world does not start when you leave high school, you have been in the real world your whole life and it’s time to start living it.

Many of you may have mixed feelings about graduating, becoming young adults, and dealing with what comes in the future. Take a deep breath and give yourself time to organize. There are many things to do, but prioritize and find time for a little bit of everything. Our Peak teachers support us, and the 12th grade level coordinator said that she will support us, “from senior ditch day, a lock in at a school, senior sunset/bonfire, to a senior hike.” These are all ideas the senior class wants, and our staff at PRA are planning activities as well. Fun events are coming up for the seniors!

Seniors are leaving a legacy at Prospect Ridge Academy and setting a nice path for the school. Having the first senior class be successful and go on to do great things will set a good direction for others to do the same thing and go on the same route. Tracy Pantleo is one of those students who wants to leave a legacy; she said the following, “Your classmates are your family members; love them, and respect them.”  Tyler Walls, another great exemplar of our community, feels proud. “ I have helped start and build, what was already, an astonishing school from the ground up. I got to create traditions and set the standards of the community here at the school I stayed loyal to!” We heard their voices, now what’s your legacy?

Our senior class is small compared to other high schools, but all 94 seniors know each other. We’ve created a family within our environment and it’s a better feeling knowing everyone is on the same page. We can’t simply describe the class as “ordinary”. The senior class of PRA is so much more than ordinary. They are considerate, diligent, and ambitious. PRA’s mission is to create academic, athletic, and ethical leaders but it is also to create memories that we will never forget.

Senior Checklist:

  • 100 hours of community service
  • Completed minimum of 24 course credits
  • Visit College Campuses and College fairs (Find what fits best for you)
  • Checked the deadlines for the colleges/universities you want to apply to
  • Continue to challenge yourself and take solid courses ( Don’t make an easy schedule, fight senioritis!)
  • Capstone Project Proposal Due September 25th
  • Registered for ACT or SAT (if you want to retake)
  • Talked to you counselor about your plan and checked out the counselor's page on the PRA website
  • Senior Pictures taken and uploaded to Jostens
  • Have fun! Attend school events, games, and enjoy every second of it!