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Great Things to Come From Peaks Community Service Projects

By: Molly O’Flannigan

Jack Andraka, who at the time was a 15 year old high school sophomore, single handedly created a pancreatic cancer test that is a 100 times more sensitive and 26,000 times cheaper than current tests. Having the passion to impact a community in need of help, Jack won first prize at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his groundbreaking work. This year at PRA, our staff has implemented year long, student led community service projects that will count towards the student’s required service hours. Within our school’s Peak divisions, each Peak classroom will brainstorm, organize and initiate their own project. Not only does this give service hours for the students, but allows an opportunity for people like Jack (and every student for that matter) to help, inspire, and make an impact on a community either locally or nationally.

In PRA’s plan to create academic, social, and ethical leaders, High School Math teacher Mr. Wilkin explains how, “doing things like this builds our community and really pushes the students to keep an open-mind.” and continued to elaborate on how the more students that are exposed to volunteering and the benefits of the experience, the more they will want to become involved and engaged in their community overall. High School AP Language and Composition teacher Mr. Finkelstein, expresses his opinion saying, “I think these projects will really push the students to step up as individuals and reach out in order to make things happen.”

Students at PRA are intrigued to get started planning and biting into the meat of their projects as multiple Peak classrooms stir up some great ideas. Physics teacher Mr. Kliewer sheds light on how students in his peak class are creating ways on how to give back to victims of Hurricane Harvey. Among many other classes there is talk of animal shelters, fundraisers, assisting senior citizens, and much more. One of PRA’s very own, Sam Street, a high school Junior responded with, “I think by the end of this year I will have grown to be a better person and to have strengthened my communication skills which will definitely help me a lot for my future career.”

The staff at PRA believes that this will impact our school as a whole by having the students experience helping others first hand and how by their actions, they’ll be able to see the change with their own eyes. For every call for help, let there be a Miner to answer.