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Student Council

Improvements to Student Council

By: Ayden Heinrich

A lot of the students at PRA often complain about how the Student Council never gets anything done besides organizing spirit days and attempting to organize “fun” dances for the student body, but do we as students really understand our Student council and their true goals? Recently, all students had to go through the lifeless vote for our Peak representatives, which most likely resulted in students just picking a name they recognize or picking a friend’s name. In order to provide a greater insight for the student body, here is how our Student Council works and what goals they hope to accomplish this year.

At the last assembly, the results of the Student Council election were revealed by Ms. Lewis, the Student Council sponsor, and all the elected members stated their name, peak, and grade. In an effort to get students to get more interested in Student Council, the representatives all threw candy into their designated peaks (a lucky few were able to catch PRA spirit wear). This certainly caught the attention of a lot of students and may have even sparked an interest in who they would vote for in the future. However, many students view handing out candy as a way of buying votes.

I recently interviewed Thomas Dilts, a current and past Student Council member, to gain a better understanding of our Student Council. Thomas is currently running for Student Council President. “I want to make meaningful progress on reforms,” is what he told me when I asked why he was running. He agrees with a large majority of the student population saying that progress in the past has been “pretty abysmal.” Thomas also explained how he has already started implementing policy with his petition to get Juniors off-campus lunch. Student Council is also working on amending the dress code and the administration has already approved of writing up a draft of the possible changes. Many students are ecstatic about the last point.

Our Student Council is actually doing a lot more than most students think they have been doing. Prospect Ridge Academy is still a fairly new school, so that means we still have a lot things that we can improve. Our Student Council is actively trying to make positive changes that would directly benefit our school as a community. According to Student Council representative Thomas Dilts, they’re already trying to improve on issues that students feel strongly about. He said that “ Students who care about the issues and change should talk to their Student Council Representatives.” This is a great example of how the Student Council is putting the interests of the student body first. In the past it seemed like all our Student Council did was sit around planning dances and spirit days, but our Student Council today is taking great leaps and bounds in the right direction.