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Hard Work From the PRA Golf Team

By: Peter Han

Golf is a game that takes patience but also extreme skill. In golf you have 18 holes and the goal is to get the least amount of strokes per hole. Whoever gets the least amount ultimately wins the tournament. It requires a steady mind and great concentration; hence, it’s not a sport fit for everyone.

The coach for PRA’s High School golf team is Jason Dumler. The golf team has played three games, they get the top four scores out of the team and have them compete against six different schools across the state. Along with two seniors, Tennyson Young and Nick Farel are the top scorers.

We asked one player, Nick Farel, questions about his experiences on the team. He said he loves the environment of the golf course and overall enjoys the vibe of his team. Nick plays to improve his skill and for the love of his teammates and the staff around him. Like many athletes, he has a pregame ritual, which consists of blasting music through his headphones before a match. Nick is always trying to improve his game by building on his skills and hitting the golf course more often.

Our other freshman player, Tennyson Young, had a lot to say about golf and the team. Tennyson does not have any pregame rituals but rather just likes to go out there and compete. He loves the feeling of being able to go out and play on a course that a lot of people do not have access to, as well as having such an amazing opportunity to represent PRA. Tennyson likes to use different clubs so that they throw off his muscle memory in order to improve his game. At the end of the day, Tennyson most importantly appreciates Coach Dumler for taking time out of his day to come and help improve PRA’s golf team.

The PRA golf team is on a good track, there is a lot of potential and room to improve with great players and coaching staff. Our players put in a lot of hard work and deserve credit for their skill and determination.


Rising Success for the PRA Tennis Team

Jameson Dye


Tennis is a difficult sport to play; it requires accuracy, stamina, concentration, fast reactions and quick movement. The Fall results: The team took 7th place in the Centaurus tournament and doubles took 3rd place. In Arvada they won 7-0 and in Northglenn they won 5-1. The next match is on September 18th vs Kent Denver, come support and cheer on the team!

We asked freshman Ryan Tran about his experiences on the tennis team. Ryan Tran overall likes competing and he likes to see how far he can push himself to be one of the best. Ryan drives to improve his skill because he loves being a part of the team and building relationships with his teammates. The only thing Ryan could possibly hate about tennis is losing a match.

We talked to another freshman, Connor Beezley, and he had a lot to say about his feeling about tennis. Overall, Connor likes to be a part the team more than anything. Working hard as a skilled group of individuals is what makes him so passionate about his team and is what inspires him to become a better player every time he steps on the court.

We hope to see you there at the match next Monday. Be expecting great things from PRA’s incredible tennis team!


Our Volleyball C Team is Rapidly Improving

By: Sofia Ochoa

 For some people, volleyball is a sport, but for other people it is much more than that. Volleyball is a way to meet new people, make friends, and have unique experiences. This year, the high school volleyball department has three teams: varsity, junior varsity, and the C Team. The C Team is a way to get kids who don’t have as much experience into a team. It provides them a chance to play in games and improve on their skills.  This year, the C Team has nine girls.

The C Team has already played 2 games. Their first game was on August 29; They played 2 sets and lost by four points. They really stepped up their game and worked harder in the practices afterwards. Primarily, they worked on communication and going for the ball. All of the effort the players put in has benefitted them. In their second game on September 5, they won in 2 sets and the final score was 25-7. The C Team practices everyday and will continue to practice and work hard to win their upcoming games.

One of the captains taking charge of the C team this year is Danielle Dukes. She is the speaking captain and has played volleyball for quite a long time. Danielle started playing volleyball when she was around 9 years old. When it comes to volleyball, she is always upbeat and enthusiastic. “I like playing volleyball because I think it's a fun way to spend time and it's very enjoyable. I also like it because every year or so I get to meet new people and make new friends”. For Danielle, making new friends in volleyball is really important. When I asked her why she got interested and why she started playing she responded by saying that all her friends that were playing and encouraged her to play. As soon as she started, she fell in love with the sport and hasn't stopped playing since. Danielle is looking forward to team bonding and new friendships this season. “This season, team bonding is a top priority, it is very important to know who you are playing with and to have a good relationship in and out of the court”.

The C Team coach is Dr. Michael Bennett. He got into coaching volleyball because of his family. “I started coaching my son when he was in second grade because he wanted to learn how to play, so I helped him out, and that’s when it all started, and I’ve loved it since”. Dr. Bennett likes interacting with the players as well as helping them out with their volleyball skills. He enjoys coaching the team, and what he likes most about his team is that “the girls in the team are very supportive of one and other; they don’t scream at each other. Instead, they help each other out, and that is really cool.” Sportsmanship is important to him, especially on his team. Coach Bennett really likes his players and always wants to help them out. However, he thinks they should get better at communicating. Saying that “they need to talk more while playing; communication is always good, not only in the court but also in life. It is always helpful”.

This year the C Team looks like it will be a great opportunity for the girls to learn from each other and make new friends. Everybody is very excited and ready to get better this season. The coach believes in the girls and that everyone will have a great time. It should be an amazing season.


Kicking Off the Football Season

By: Micah Smith

 The football season this year has been off to a pretty rough start due to injuries and many other reasons; although, when our team is healthy, they are capable of great things. So far we are 0-3. Our team has been facing tough opponents who compete for State every year.

On September 8th, our football team played against Bishop Machebeuf. The final score was 14-12 in favor of Machebeuf. We were losing but got a touchdown late in the game. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make the 2 point conversion to tie up the game. In an attempt to improve our chances, we tried kicking an onside kick but Machebeuf recovered the ball. They kneeled the ball until there was no time for a come back for PRA. Both teams fought hard the whole game and it was entertaining for the crowd.

On Friday the 29th, our team plays at Resurrection Christian. Come watch them at 7:00 pm. Our homecoming game is on October 7th at 1 pm. The home game should be a good one to watch as we take on University at North Stadium.

If you want to come support your football team at any of their other games, you can find their schedule on the school website.

Ultimately, the coaches think our team beats themselves. It is still early in the season and they have the determination to turn it around. Our football players are going to work hard against their opponents in the future. The team is looking for all the support they can get!

You can expect more news on the football games coming soon.


A Shot for Success

By: Brandon Huffman


On August 29th The Prospect Ridge Academy Miners had the inaugural game against Ridgeview Academy.  Prospect Ridge had 39 shots and only 19 were on goal. Of those 19 on goal they scored a grand total of four times. Ridgeview had 6 shots on goal and was lucky enough to score twice. However, the score doesn’t reflect the game as the majority of the possession went to Prospect Ridge and they out shot their opposition.

Arpit Mishra and Michael Mote each scored once and Johan Dalelv scored twice. The player of the game was Arpit Mishra, and I got a chance to interview him. He scored the first inaugural goal off a corner kick. Hudson Highfield hit a line drive corner kick and Arpit Mishra jumps up, heads the ball, and sends it flying off the right post into the goal. He didn't noticed what had happened after the ball hit the post. Arpit was all smiles then. He told me what he thought about when he scored the first inaugural goal, saying “I  was thinking here is my only chance to score, and I was thinking how sick it would be to score the inaugural goal. The ball came in from the corner and I luckily got my head on it and flicked it in. I didn't think it went in at first, and then I saw it was in the back of the goal.” That goal gave them a 1-0 lead and they would go on to win 4-2. I asked him was what it felt like to win the first game. “Our team felt way different than a year ago. It felt we could give other teams very tough and good competition.”

The Miners scored 4 goals as a team, even though they agree it could have been a lot more. Though they were able to generate scoring chance after scoring chance. Arpit Mishra told us what he thought made it so easy for them to create these opportunities, to which he responded with “Lots of off-season and in season practice. Commitment of everyone playing and trying their hardest helped a lot.” Although the Miners had a strong game, they had their weak points as well. I asked Arpit where the team could improve. He responded with “There's always something somewhere. I feel as if we have a solid defence. We need to be a lot more connected with passes, and not have so much tunnel vision.” When he says tunnel vision he means not just going forward and backwards. He would like to spread out the field and play to the touch lines. Arpit really wants to go to State and is pushing everyone to get better and play well as a team. He thinks the Miners can get to State, saying “We are solid. Think we have a pretty good chance. It depends on how we do going forward.” If the Miners keep playing as well as they have, the chance looks pretty good for them. All that matters is that they play hard and try to earn a spot in the playoffs.

The Miners look good so far as they are sitting at a 2-1 record right now. They have a challenging week ahead of them as they play very well known teams who make State every year. Our team will not back down and will continue play very hard. You can expect good things coming from this team.

Varsity Volleyball

By: Gabi Maiocco

Volleyball is a game that consists of six individuals all working together at different positions to achieve one collective goal. It takes the whole team to be able to win; it is not just one person doing everyone’s job. Everyone has to be fully committed to the team and to each and every point.

Here at Prospect Ridge Academy we have had a Varsity volleyball team for two years, and we almost went to state last year. This year we currently have a record of 7-0 with our win last night over Peak to Peak. For our next match against Jefferson Academy, captain Kylie Silva said, “It is important that in this game we focus on our side of the court instead of always worrying about what the other team is doing.” She also said that it is important for her to keep the team positive and that all she wants is for her team to be successful. I am also on the Varsity volleyball team and I have been on it for two years now--last year we had an incredible season. Since I was a transfer from Monarch High school I was required to play half of the season on Junior Varsity since those are the CHSSA rules.

In my opinion, I think that this season is going to be one of our strongest seasons yet. One of  our outside hitters, Sara Carvo had 28 kills during our Peak to Peak game and Kylie Silva and Lauryn Parker are tied at 46 kills this season! In addition to these amazing stats, we have been getting a lot of press this year as well as last year. There was an article written about our volleyball team on and last year there was another story on about how we were a first year Varsity volleyball team and had an incredible record. This past weekend we participated in the Alexander Dawson School tournament which we also attended last year and won. This year we were able to get a repeat, beating Dawson in two sets on Saturday evening to bring a trophy home!

Our head coach, Lexee Marshall, and assistant coach, Amy Schroeder and Mike Bennett, have been working extremely hard these past two years to build up our program into what it is today. Without them and without the contribution from all the girls, we would not be where we are today.