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A PRA Education

Prospect Ridge Academy is a college preparatory school, and our academic program is grounded in the pursuit to create academic, social, and ethical leaders. On a daily basis, students and staff at every grade level delve deeply into a rich and substantive curriculum—Kindergarteners study cells through a microscope for the first time; Second graders immigrate to America as they learn about citizenship and the journey to the United States; Fifth graders become live number lines, sing their way through equations, and self-pace themselves throughout their mathematics units; Middle School students build and race gravity powered vehicles with wheels designed and printed on a 3D printer, and simulate the caste system in India; High School students use cutting edge data-acquisition equipment to perform weekly lab-based investigations in the natural sciences, and read from a diverse literary canon in English classes, preparing them for the rigors of AP and college level courses.

As PRA students move through the K-12 program, they learn to read actively, to write clearly and persuasively, to listen thoughtfully, to think critically, and to act responsibly and ethically in an ever-changing world.