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Summer Reading & Assignments

6th Grade Summer Reading
7th Grade Summer Reading
8th Grade Summer Readin
9th Grade Summer Reading
10th Grade Summer Reading
11th Grade Summer Reading
12th Grade Summer Reading
AP Government Summer Reading
AP US History (APUSH)
Welcome to APUSH! In order to have more time at the end of the year to devote to the 20th century, we are front-loading the early chapters to summer reading. This will give students a preview of what reading is like for APUSH (students should expect to read 10 pages a night in the textbook, 5 nights/week). APUSH students will also take a pre-assessment in the first week of class that will cover the major components of the exam - multiple choice, short answer, long essay question, and potentially a document based question - during the first week of school They will be tested on this content. This is not to "fail out" any students, but to give them a realistic preview of the expected workload in this class so they can make the most informed choice for their Junior year. 
Students should read both scanned chapters from the textbook Out of Many and the excerpt from 1491 up to "And that was before the Europeans showed up." The should plan to do this reading the last 1-2 weeks of the summer in preparation for the pre-assessment. Questions should be directed to Dr. Feinstein-Johnson in the last week of school 2019, or after August 5, 2019 as she does check her email over the summer.
AP Studio Arts Summer Project
Honors Pre-Calculus Summer Work
Sign up for the Precalculus Schoology page by going to and clicking on "sign up".
Choose "student'  and enter access code: 82TQC-9BB76. You will find the summer homework here. 
Please email me at with any questions.