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Elementary Counseling

Prospect Ridge Academy teachers are highly qualified to work with their students and take pride in their ability to create rapport with students and their families. The counselors are facilitators of these teacher-student relationships and move into action when developmental dysfunctions, stresses or family problems exceed the capabilities of the teacher-student paradigm. In this capacity, we counsel students individually, meet with families and confer with students' extended support systems as needed to overcome obstacles.

The Elementary Counselor serves as consultants to help teachers and parents understand how to effectively address learning differences and appreciate the dynamics of multiple intelligences. This includes uncovering and affirming students' strengths and overcoming resistance to remediation by turning students into self-advocating collaborators in the educational experience. 

The Elementary Counselor also leads monthly character education lessons in the classroom and facilitates a monthly character assembly.


Hello Parents, Students, and Staff!
     Welcome back to school! I am so excited to get started with this new year. Here is my plan for supporting students this fall. 
Character Lessons:
     I will be taking over one synchronous class meeting per month in each class. These time slots are only 15 minutes, so I will be posting optional, supplemental lessons and activities on my google classroom. Here are the links and codes for those google classrooms by grade:
     Kindergarten and 1st Grade2tx3sfm
     2nd and 3rd Gradebhrvgc6
     4th and 5th Grade - yln4bsw
Individual Counseling: 
     If you or your student would like to schedule a virtual check-in with me, please fill out this Google Form to request an appointment. I will schedule something with your student as soon as possible. 
Group Counseling:
     Stay tuned for news on group counseling. 
Adams 12 has some great mental health resources, including crisis numbers that may be helpful during this time. 
If you have something that you need to report, please reach out to Safe2Tell. This is a great platform to report anything concerning.
Once again, here is my Google Form to request counseling services. This can be filled out by a parent, student, or teacher. Once I receive your request I will send an invitation for a Google Hangout or whichever mode of communication you prefer. 
Here you will find the daily announcements from PRA Elementary! Go Miners!