Prospect Ridge Academy

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Counseling Overview

The Counseling department at Prospect Ridge Academy is focused on nurturing and cultivating student success. Academically our focus is to challenge students to stretch their perceived boundaries to reach new information and processes that previously felt just out of reach. We help students to push past knowledge barriers and encourage individual thought and invention.

Academics is only one area we provide support and assistance to our students. We also want to create leaders that have a strong moral foundation from which to work from when faced with a challenge. Character education is ingrained daily through the classroom and supported by guest speakers, assemblies, community service and peer support. Our character education platform uses the Quantum Learning curriculum “8 Keys of Excellence.”


College Prep Counseling

Our college prep curriculum begins in 6th grade and continues through graduation for all of our students. PRA utilizes a college prep platform called Naviance to provide information, direction, and guidance as students investigate their post-high school lives. The counseling department uses this information to assist the student in creating a 4-Year academic plan and utilizes goal setting and task management to keep students on track and point them down an academic path they are passionate about.

Prospect Ridge Academy uses Aspire testing for students in grade 3-9. Aspire testing provides valuable data that helps identify academic opportunities for improvement, as well as areas of academic strength. 10th-grade students will take the PSAT 10, which is a precursor to the SAT, which is the College Entrance Exam now mandated by the State of Colorado. Students in the 11th grade will take the PSAT/NMSQT during the National Testing day in the fall, and then take the SAT during the spring.

Each year our students will have the opportunity to visit at least one Colorado college or university. Over the course of their tenure at PRA students will have the opportunity to visit public and private schools, as well as larger campuses and smaller settings. College admissions representatives will be on site, meeting with students throughout their high school career.