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Secondary School Course Registration


***If you would like to request a schedule change please fill out the appropriate form below.***

MS Schedule Change Request Form

HS Schedule Change Request Form

Course Registration allows students to select which Elective courses they would like to take during the next school year. This course request process does not guarantee placement into any particular course.  The information obtained is used to determine the number of sections to offer for each course.

Infinite Campus (IC) is only set up to accept student course requests during the specified window (2/28/20 8 am to 3/4/20 4 pm).  Students who do not make selections during this time frame will need to meet with their counselor. Course requests must be entered through the student portal.  The parent portal is not set up to accept course requests for students. This is not a first-come, first-served basis.  

Required courses are uploaded by the Registrar based on current teacher recommendations. 

Please review your selections carefully. There are some courses that are available to both middle school and high school students. If you are in middle school, you need to enroll in the middle section and likewise for high school students. You may refer to the attached document to confirm correct course codes.

High School Students Only: Some semester long electives may be taken for credit more than one time (for example, Advance Weight Training, PE, Total Fitness and Digital Art & Photography 3). However, IC will only allow one enrollment per year. Please email your counselor so that your request can be added to both semesters. If you wish to take Study Hall both semesters, please be sure to sign up for each semester by using the two different course codes.

Finally, we highly recommend using a desktop/laptop/chromebook vs mobile device (phone or tablet) to complete your Course Registration.




  1. Log in to your Student Infinite Campus (Student Accounts only, no parent accounts)
  2. Click on the “Course Registration 2020-2021 Prospect Ridge” link in IC
  3. On the Registration page click on Course Search
  4. Enter the Course Number (Found next to the name of the elective you wish to request)
  5. Click Go (Course will be listed on the right side of the page)
  6. Select the course listed on the right by clicking on it.
  7. Then click the “Request This Course” button. (Note-In certain accounts you will only be able to select the “Request as an Alternate.” Click this button if that is the only option.)
  8. Repeat steps 4-7 for your top 3 elective requests.
  9. For your 4th, 5th, and 6th elective choices, repeat steps 4-6 but click on the “Request as Alternate” button.
  10. Review the courses you have added (which are listed under “Requested Courses or Alternate Courses”) to make sure they are accurate. If you have put in a course by mistake, you can remove it by clicking on the course and then clicking the remove button at the bottom.
  11. Print a copy of your elective requests and bring it into your counselor.