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2020 Senior Capstone Projects

Madison AberleMadison Aberle

The Bones in Your Feet

When I started this project, I was hoping to learn about orthopedics surgeons and all about what they do. I am interested in medicine and I wanted to put myself in a situation that would help me decide on whether or not I actually wanted to pursue a career in medicine.

Paige AdamsPaige Adams

Environmental Capstone

I worked with the head biologist and project manager at ERO Resources Corporation to better understand the regulations businesses deal with for the environment. ERO Resources Corporation is a company that provides natural resource investigations planning, and development for construction projects that impact the environment.

Vikram AulakhVikram Aulakh

Weimer Labs: CU Boulder Solar Water Splitting

Lab gives possible perovskite: A different research group gives a possible  perovskite that would split water. The compound can not be easily bought so it is  synthesized. This is when multiple compounds/ elements are combined to produce a larger compound.

Kassandra BecerraKassandra Becerra

Marriage Counseling

I want to be that psychologist that helps someone in need and give them the tools to succeed on their own. Marriage counseling can be a start up for me but I chose this because it was easy to locate someone who had worked in marriage counseling before.

Antione BillatAntoine Billat

Chemical Engineering: The Glorified Plumbers

The project I worked on was finding an accurate and efficient way to analyze solutions with hydroxylamine. We used a GC (Gas Chromatograph), which is used to find the amounts of compounds that are present in solutions. 


Hannah BraudawayHannah Braudaway

2BG and the Healing Power of Horses

Equine-assisted therapies can greatly influence and improve the lives of individuals who are disabled physically, mentally, and socially. After volunteering and experiencing this field, I have witnessed immense progress in the riders. While observing my mentor, I have realized how horseback riding can significantly benefit both people with and without disabilities.

Chloe BrownChloe Brown

The Sandbar

The Lab beach volleyball provides the most quality beach volleyball training in Colorado, creating opportunities for young athletes to find success at high levels of the game, and preparing older athletes for collegiate ventures.

Jackson ClarkJackson Clark

Sun Mountain Automotive

In this project, I set out to understand car maintenance. I wanted to get more of a sense of working in a mechanic job and understand which car problems should be dealt with individually and which problems should be professionally dealt with.

Jayla ComeauxJayla Comeaux

Understanding Trauma

I set out to research the field of traumatic disorders, such as PTSD, as well as possible treatments. I focused on understanding the finer details of both the biological and environmental causes of trauma, as well as how one may manage and even reverse their effects.

Leonardo CooksonLeonardo Cookson

My project with HWI was based around the RZ/G2E board from Renesas. Renesas is a large electronics company in Japan. They are the largest manufacturer of semiconductors as well as microcontrollers.

Lucas CraigLucas Craig

Orthopedics and Arthritis

I chose to go into orthopedics because that is a subject that I am interested in hopefully will go down this career path. My mentor was Dr. Efren Caballes at Cornerstone Orthopedics. He specializes in semi-invasive joint and ligament treatment.

Erin CullErin Cull

How To Build a Foot

I chose to shadow an Orthopedic Surgeon because I know that one day I would like to go into the medical field. After shadowing Dr. Ng, I realized that the foot and ankle, his particular area of expertise, are complex with many different parts. The foot has 33 joints and 26 bones, combined with numerous muscles, ligaments, and tendons, that all work together to make a fully functional and mobile body part.



Elizabeth DeCosmoElizabeth DeCosmo

Training Dogs

I learned that it takes a lot of steps, time, and patience to train one dog with basic skills that are needed for that dog to improve and thrive. I also learned that there are many different techniques to train dogs fully. This project has showed me how much time and patience is needed to work with animals. 

Camrin DiekeCamrin Dieke

The Construction Process

After seeing the construction process happen in real-time, I finally know how difficult it is to produce a project. I feel that I would rather be a contractor than an engineer, since you work both outside and in the office. Thanks to my mentor, I now have an idea of the construction world. 

Jordan DolanJordan Dolan

A Day in the Veterinary Field

The goal of this project was to learn more about the daily schedule of a shelter veterinarian, and to learn more about the types of surgeries veterinarians often have to conduct.  

Jake DoyleJake Doyle

6 Keys to Business

My life goal is to build a business around my passion and make a living off of it. So for my project, I sought to find the keys to a successful business. I decided to choose this goal because once you have a business idea you have to execute.

Danielle DukesDanielle Dukes

The Importance of Pediatrics

I had very specific goals that I wanted to accomplish while working with my mentor. My most important goal was to experience what it was truly like to work as a doctor. While I could not participate in the examinations, as I am not certified, I was still able to observe many appointments. 

capstoneSofia Ochoa Echeverry

Audit of DishLATANO

The goal of the project was to review the DishLATINO and Dish Puerto Rico websites from the perspective of a customer and identify the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities the websites had.

Parker ErtlParker Ertl

Aerospace Engineering: Developing A Satellite Mission Finding the best slopes

I wanted to learn more about the Aerospace engineering field to better my expectations for when I try to get an occupation, and at the time I was still trying to decide which type of engineering I wanted to major in in college.

Lily FletcherLily Fletcher

In order to understand how sports journalism works I was lucky enough to shadow my mentor in multiple environments. I started with a short cameo on ESPN live sports radio, then shadowed a rockies game, and finished with a CU Men’s Basketball game. 

Walker FranklinWalker Franklin

Real Estate Capstone

During my project, I learned a lot about what it takes to be a Real Estate agent and some of the hardships that come along with it. While working in this field, a huge advantage to becoming a very well known agent is by being nice and professional to everyone you meet because they will tell others about how they were treated and it could potentially bring more business and more money your way. 


Seeing Entrepreneurship From Both Sides

I wanted to see what investment deals looked like from the investor’s side in order to help me gain an understanding of what investors look for when deciding to invest or not in growing companies. I wanted to understand the strategic approach investors take to ensure the success and growth of their investments.

Seth HaganSeth Hagan

Civil Engineering

The main goal of my capstone project was to get an understanding of different forms of civil engineering and see if it’s a career I’d be interested in pursuing. The goal of this was to give me the understanding of multiple options of civil engineering, showing me some of the workload, and find out if it’s something I enjoyed.

Sarah HallbergSarah Hallberg

Taking a Deeper Look at Ehlers-Danlos: My Mentorship with a Neurodevelopmental Doctor

I decided to shadow Dr. Ellen Elias at Children’s Hospital Colorado and take a deeper look at rare genetic diseases. Growing up, Children’s Hospital was my family’s second home due to my brother’s illness, so I have wanted to pursue a career in the medical field from a young age. 


Alexa HalleckAlexa Halleck

Chapters of Surgery

During my capstone I followed around Dr. Dhupar, I watched 3 surgerys and a couple injections, I also went on clinic duty with him for a couple days as well.

Bridging the FutureBlake Hassler

Bridging the Future

The goals of the project were to get to know different kinds of engineers and see what they spend their day doing in the office, narrow my focus of engineering from civil, mechanical, industrial, into just one, and create my own project exploring the science behind bridges. 

Connor Hays Connor Hays

De la Bourgogne à la Rochelle

Transcribing old French documents may not seem ideal for a project, but I chose do it as I have a liking for French and history. I am fond of different sciences as well, but history is what I most favor over the few subjects I like. 

Samar Hoda Samar Hoda

Taking a Look at Orbit Transfers and Their Efficiency

I am interested in aerospace engineering and I wanted to learn more about orbital mechanics. The reason I chose to do my project with Tj Sayer and Sierra Nevada Corporation is because they are one of the top satellite engineering companies in the United States.

Rylie JamesRylie James

Build-a-Data Center

Over the course of this year, I had the privilege of following an engineer in a local data center. Throughout this experience I learned the basics of what it takes to run a data center, as well as all the details that go into the structure of a data center such as cooling and redundancy.

Lia KidwellLia Kidwell

Antenna Anatomy

I learned so much throughout my time with Ball from things like how people communicate to how materials work together. Another thing I learned throughout my time at Ball, besides how all the engineers and technicians work together, was how the radio frequencies and materials work together to make an antenna. 

Anjolie KnorathAnjolie Konrath

Graphic Design at Flatirons Community Church

My goal is to explore graphic design work in a team setting. The team consists of people who specialize in different skills such as graphic design, woodwork, and videography. The group works together to brainstorm ideas and create the art that the public sees every week.

Ella KonrathElla Konrath

Allergy and Asthma Care: From Laboratory to Patient 

Dr. Rumbyrt sought to show me the different sides to this field by helping me facilitate an allergy and asthma testing project with volunteers, shadow an employee working in an allergen lab, interact with patients, and create a research project to learn about the science behind allergies and asthma.

Joselyn KorbeJoselyn Korbe

Empower Design

Within the realm of multimedia design, every project is about promoting the brand. I learned that the brand and the demands of the brand come first at all costs when working with my mentor at Empower Field, and this is reflected in my projects.

Kayda KreutzerKayda Kreutzer

Speech and Language Pathology

I wanted to do Speech and Language Pathology for my capstone because I wanted to help teach kids the way that my teachers had helped me. My mentor had been by speech therapist in elementary school so I wanted her to teach me to help kids, like she had helped me.

George KurtzGeorge Kurtz

Aviation → Flying for Ball Corp

At the end of my project, I was able to get involved with helping to prepare the aircrafts before they take off, and the logistics that happen when the Ball Corp. pilots land at their destinations. Barry taught me everything there is to know about flying for a private company like Ball Corp., and what intails for flying a 40 million dollar bird

Olivia LeahyOlivia Leahy

Navigating the Fashion Industry

My goal for this project was to learn what steps it takes to design my own line of clothing. Along with this line of clothing, I wanted to push myself to at least make one of the clothing items I drew. 

Austin LingleAustin Lingle 

Beyond the Business

I decided to do my project on business management because I was always interested in learning about what it really takes to start your own business. The main way that I found my mentor was he was already a family friend and I had already know about the business that he started all by himself the business that he started was a Hvac business.

capstoneJackson Lucchesi

A Crash Course in Software Engineering

I set out on this project to get a more in-depth understanding of exactly how the software development world works, and to understand in more detail what a software engineer does. 

James LuehrJames Luehr

Senior Capstone

During my project I learned a lot about being a photographer and some of the hardships that come along with it. Taking photos and being able to express my artistic abilities is still a great passion of mine, however, being a portraiture photographer means a lot of the time you have to follow the wants and needs of the person you’re photographing for. 

Rylan MartinezRylan Martinez

Professional Photography

I chose my project because I have always had a passion for photography and capturing the moments that mean the most to me and sharing them with the world. I found my mentor through her collaborative work with the non-profit Native American Rights Fund. 

McKenzie McBrideMcKenzie McBride

Getting Down to Business

I wanted to work with my mentor in order to create a detailed account of how a successful independent business works, and to create a business plan and set of strategies that can be applied to any independent business. 

capstoneJames McGuire

A Comparison of Medical Fields

The inspiration for my project was formed from my passion for medicine. My intrigue with human anatomy, strange diseases, and conditions made a career in the medical field appealing to me.

Michael MoteMichael Mote

Proactive Policing at CU Boulder and Increase in Security

Law Enforcement and Detective work has always fascinated me, so naturally I knew that I wanted to dive into a local police station for Capstone. Lucky for me, I was close family friends with CU Police Sergeant, John Zizz and he was willing to mentor me. 

Jason MuJason Mu

Android Game Design

I wanted to do something game design related. I’ve always enjoyed playing games and thought I would try making one myself. I have a decent background for this project, having taken HS Tech 1-3 and AP Computer Science. But android is different from anything I had ever done before. 
Karianna Muller

Karianna Muller

Exploring the Architectural Design Process


The project helped me recognize that my interest in architecture was genuine, and it helped me overcome my fears for college. While I still haven’t decided exactly which field of architecture I want to pursue, the project helped me recognize and understand  all of the options I have. 

Duston NguyenDuston Nguyen 

Family Attorney Capstone Project

I worked with Roger Westlund. He is a private attorney that focuses on family law, divorce, child support and spousal maintenance. Mr. Westlund has been practicing law for over 32 years, and is a graduate of the University of Colorado and Washburn University school of law.

Ryan NormanRyan Norman

Automation Engineering and the Steps One Takes to Approach and Solve a Problem

I chose to do my project on automation engineering at Wunderlich-Malec Engineering. I have always lovedmath and science-related subjects and have always considered pursuing a career in engineering and chemical engineering in particular. 

Makinsie OrsteadMakinsie Orstead

Hoofprints on their Hearts

Equine-Assisted Therapy and Therapeutic Riding offer a unique way for riders to improve through the use of a horse. This career field often focuses on what riders can do while other things may only focus on what they can not do. As I watched Mitch improve each week I grew confident that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

yan ostaninYan Ostanin

Wrist Exoskeleton Assistive Technology

The goal behind the Wrist Exoskeleton is to allow people with weak grip and problems with hand dexterity to be able to lift objects easier. I wanted to create a device that is reproducible, affordable and compatible.

Jackson Paul Jackson Paul

The Career path of a Detective in Homicides

During this project, I was able to have insight into what went down in the day to day lives of a homicide sergeant. I was able to look at cases and see how they worked them. 

Malachai PertersonMalachai Peterson

Importance of Fingerprints

I was really interested in Forensic Science and my mentor works for the Broomfield Police Department and their focus in the lab is getting fingerprints for evidence. They use these fingerprints to identify the suspect.

Sam RaileySamantha Railey

The Birds of Prey Foundation: Learning How To Preserve Wildlife

I learned that the rehabilitation process can get messy. I had to get comfortable with mud, dirt, and feathers everywhere. It also can get messy when feeding these birds.

Kristen ReischlingKristin Reischling

The Speech-Language Therapy Process 

I chose to create my project through researching speech pathology because I am interested in pursing it as a career. My mentor, Mandy Sangha, and my family met at church and when she told me about how much she loves her job as a speech pathologist.

MarketingZachery Root

A Glimpse into Marketing at Sustainable Supply

For the project, my goal was to understand the field of marketing. Each step in the project was working towards understanding the field more clearly and understanding the day to day tasks. 

Meghan RobertsonMeghan Robertson

Modern Museum Management

I wanted to learn not only how the museum obtains artifacts, but also how museum management works. Furthermore, I wanted to learn how artifacts are interpreted and then formed into exhibits. 

capstoneKyley Rook

Starting the Conversation

I worked with a Victims Advocacy at the Greeley Police Department. I chose my project because I am interested in going into the CIA as my future career. I felt it necessary to understand some of the underlying issues within my own community.

Gabriel RuedaGabriel Rueda

Changing a Corporation

My primary goal for this project was to assist building a business case that could potentially impact the business operations in Kleinfelder. We reviewed how Kleinfelder stored and maintained data for Civil Engineering and the pros and cons of existing, and alternate, software solutions.

Sam RupsaSam Rupsa

The Art of Lutherie

The reason I chose this project was because I have always been intrigued by the craftsmanship of stringed instruments. In college I want to study engineering, and perhaps build guitars and basses on the side.

Sadie RuudSadie Ruud

Power of Pictures

From completing this project, I realized how much planning goes into setting up a photoshoot. I learned how important communication is and that you need more than one form of contacting people to successfully schedule an event. 

Katie Ryan-LobatoKatie Ryan-Lobato

The Process of Strength and Speed Development 

I became fascinated with the human body when my trainer showed me a video of fascia (fuzz) on cadavers. Fascia grows over a muscle when it isn’t being used enough, and creates a lack of mobility when aging. But people can also break down the fascia by stretching and exercising.

Logan S.Logan S.

Adding a Café to a Board Game Store

I went to Total Escape Games because I love games, of all types; as well as because my family were kind of regulars at the store. I’ve been playing games for as long as I can remember. Because we were regulars we knew the owner, John, and when I asked if he could be my mentor he agreed. John is the owner and been the owner of Total Escape Games for 9 years.

Aden SattlerAden Sattler

Business Development and Sustainability

While I felt that every part of my Capstone was important in one way or another, it was only after seeing Symmetry’s ability to work sustainably, effectively, and efficiently on many of their Denver projects that got me to think more deeply about the importance of sustainability in the business field.

Austin SchafferAustin Schaffer

Engineering Quality

Over the course of my capstone project, I learned the basics of how to get a product ready for the consumer market. I learned what it looks like to get a product from an idea to market. First Oracle sends someone out to a company to get requirements for the product which will be specific to them. 

Emma SherretsEmma Sherrets

Designing a Home: My Mentorship with an Interior Designer

From binge watching Fixer Upper religiously to constantly rearranging and redecorating my room, interior design has always captivated my interest, and I knew I wanted a project that let me explore this interest, as well as one that allowed me to see how the arts can be used in the real world.
The engineering process from start to finish is massive. From getting permits for literally everything imaginable, to breaking cylinders, to managing money, a project has more steps to it than I have room to talk about. 

Kaden StockKaden Stock

Adjusting from the Military to the Civilian World

I shall be leaving to join the Airforce in August. I wanted to make this project something personal to me, something that would be relevant to my immediate future.

Brosnan SzaboBrosnan Szabo

The Colorado Film Industry

I was fortunate to have many great experiences that changed my view on filmmaking in Colorado. I talked at various film festivals, worked on a shoot for a movie trailer, and got to discuss and ask questions with people in the industry.


capstoneOliver Szabo

What is Film?

My overall goal for my project was to interview filmmakers to  answer a question: what is film? I attended many film festivals, such as the Film and Brew Fest, Nederland Film Festival, and the Front Range Film Festival. I got to watch many great indie films as well as get a chance to meet the directors behind them.

Bella ThompsonIsabella Thompson

Physical Therapy: More thank Just Stretching

Overall, my capstone was very interesting. I thought it was very intriguing to learn about physical therapy, especially dry needling and cupping. It also was great because the place where I shadowed, Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center, had a balanced program attached to it which was very interesting.

Dominic TrombettaDominic Trombetta

Commercial Architecture

I have always been fascinated by the form and design elements of buildings since I was young. Every building I see is unique in its own way and I find that to be amazing.

Reilly WelchReilly Welch

Building a Brand
I decided to choose the entrepreneurial path as I would like to study business aspect of my Capstone with one of my passions in school that being digital art and photography. My project goals were to analyze what went into making a recognizable brand and to learn the process behind taking a design from screen to shelf.

Allyson WilleyAllyson Willey

Choose How Not to Die!: Comparing Replacement Aortic Valves 

My capstone project included a mentorship with a cardio-thoracic surgeon and further research into a common procedure a cardio-thoracic surgeon completes. I chose my capstone project because I am very interested in a career in medicine. 

Callan WilleyCallan Willey

The Importance of Community Relations in the Real Estate World

For my project I sought to learn the intricacies of the real estate profession and understand the process of both representing a buyer and a seller in the process of buying or selling a house. I also sought to understand how a house was priced to be sold and what causes the fluctuation in price when selling a home.
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