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Highlights & Traditions

The middle school years include highlights and traditions such as the annual 7th grade trip to Camp Timberline, Middle School dances, Access, and Miner Mania. Grade-level field trips to local locations add unforgettable experiences.

Camp Timberline

Each year, all of our 7th-grade students travel to Camp Timberline, a sports and mountain adventure camp in the wilderness near Estes Park, CO. The three-day adventure includes team-building activities, outdoor education, and is an unforgettable opportunity for students to develop lasting relationships with their teachers and peers.

Middle School Dances

Middle School dances take place twice a year, in the fall and spring. The Middle School Student Council hosts the dances and selects the theme with feedback from the student body.


Middle School students attend Access on Thursdays. This time is utilized for, character education, assemblies & guest speakers,  information on upcoming events and opportunities, updates from their Student Council representatives, and meeting time for student committees. In addition, this time is an opportunity to for students to “Access” additional resources (teachers, technology, and the library) they may need for upcoming schoolwork. Once a month students participate in grade-level meetings during Access and 8 Keys of Excellence awards are given. Twice a month, students participate in a club of their choice during Access.

Miner Mania

This annual, student council led event, was designed to give students the opportunity to practice key components of the school mission, such as service-learning and character development. The school’s peer-to-peer mentoring program, which pairs middle and high school students with elementary school students, plays a significant role in the event, as students spend the majority of the day with their buddies. Activities vary each year, but usually include an administrator competition, school spirit assembly, and service-learning project.