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Elementary » Highlights & Traditions

Highlights & Traditions

The elementary school years include highlights and traditions such as character assemblies, a Core Knowledge Day celebration, Miner Mania, and grade-level service learning projects. Class field trips to local locations add unforgettable experiences.

Character Assemblies

Once a month, elementary students meet for an assembly period. During these times, guest speakers and performers present on a wide range of interesting topics aligning with an aspect of the school’s mission and vision. Each assembly also provides in-depth instruction on an important character theme such as respect, responsibility, perseverance, courage, and honesty.

Core Knowledge Day

In celebration of our Core Knowledge curriculum, staff and students are invited to dress up according to the grade level unit they are currently studying (i.e. Romans, Medieval knights and ladies, and Egyptians).

Miner Mania

This annual, student council led event, was designed to give students the opportunity to practice key components of the school mission, such as service-learning and character development. The school’s peer-to-peer mentoring program, which pairs middle and high school students with elementary school students, plays a significant role in the event, as students spend the majority of the day with their buddies. Activities vary each year, but usually include an administrator competition, school spirit assembly, and service-learning project.

Service Learning Projects

Each school year elementary students participate in a grade-level specific service learning project. Service learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. Past projects have included partnerships with Project: THRIVE!, and Kids Against Hunger.