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PRA Middle School Co-Ed Track and Field

Welcome to PRA's First Middle School Track and Field Season!
We are very excited to give this opportunity to the student athletes. Though there are many challenges this year, we are still committed in bringing students the excitement and creating a passion for this sport. 
Season April 19th-May 27th
Practices Monday-Friday 3:30-5:00
Meet at the High School track after school and pick up is at the track 
Kids can change into their track clothes at school - they are not allowed to run in their uniforms 
No practice due to Soccer games on May 4th, 12th and 18th
Come to practice properly dressed-gloves or sunscreen 
Bring water, we do not have access to water at the track 
Athletes need to be at practice 3 times a week at a minimum to participate in meets
We will practice in most weather but if there is lightning or severe weather please look for an email from me about canceling before 3:00 
EXPECTATIONS for all track athletes 
On time to practice and ready to go
Communicate if you are going to miss practice 
Come to practice ready to listen and work with a positive attitude 
Be RESPECTFUL of your coaches and peers
We are a team, cheer and encourage each other 
Support and cheer your teammates at our competitions 
Lead by example, other athletes and students do look up to you
*Please stay tuned for the Meet Schedule*
Please Reach out to Head Coach Dawn Cosio for more information or questions at [email protected]).