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Ms. Rosebrook and P.E.

I am Ms. Rosebrook and am super excited to teach Elementary P.E. with Ms. Morse! I earned my masters degree in curriculum and instruction from Emporia State University in the winter of 2019.  My bachelor's degree is in Sports and Exercise Science with an emphasis in K-12 Physical Education from The University of Northern Colorado.
Throughout my childhood and teen years I participated in a variety of sports.  My favorites are swimming, softball, Tae Kwon Do, and volleyball.  My love of being active is what steered me towards Physical Education.  I am married, have one daughter, and two cats. In my spare time I enjoy reading, baking, and spending time outdoors with my family.


  • Standard 1 is Movement Competence and Understanding. What skills can you do? What information do you know?
  • Standard 2 is Physical and Personal Wellness. Are you active in class? Do you strive to be healthy?
  • Standard 3 is Emotional and Social Wellness. What behavior do you display? Are you respectful?
  • Standard 4 is Prevention and Risk Management. Do you contribute to a safe and active atmosphere 
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