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Math Facts:
It is important students begin memorizing math facts so that they can be fluent in their computations and in upper grades. These sheets are meant to be used as extra practice. I recommend starting with ways to build 5 fact family and repeating this page as needed until your child is quick (an average time of 4 seconds or less suggests memorization rather than counting) and at least 90% accuracy. Then, move up to the next family.
If these are overwhelming for your child, feel free to cut them up into groups of 8 problems at a time at first, and do them untimed. Then, work up to a full sheet, timed. Once all fact families to 10 are fluent, the mixed Addition and Subtraction problems below are good continuing practice.
Visit Worksheet Works to create your own math fact practice pages.
Extra Practice:
Please log in to our online platform Freckle and practice reading and math via the computer.  Your child is free to complete any other content areas games within Freckle. We recommend using the website for math fact practice. Log in: child's first name and last initial, class code RDNSNH.
Please log in to our online platform Prodigy and practice math!  Have fun!  Class Code: 01DE4E6