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Welcome to the Prospect Ridge Academy Gifted and Talented Education (G.A.T.E.) page!
Prospect Ridge Academy has various pathways of support and enrichment available for our Gifted and Talented students based on their needs and interests.  Below is a list of options available to them.
Annual Advanced Learning Plan
The Advanced Learning Plan is what the teachers will be doing in the classroom (process, product, environment, content) to elicit growth in their identified strength area.  In addition, students will have the opportunity to pick a personal area of growth for their affective goal annually.
PRA is a data driven instruction model.  Teachers will look at what students already know and then will differentiate in content, process, product, and/or environment based on their abilities. 
Lunch Discussion Groups
An opportunity for students of the same or similar grade levels to get together with peers.  During these sessions, the coordinator rotates through the following themes:
-Game Day-chance to get to know each other and have fun
-Intellectual Meat-day where we learn something new
-Share day-chance for students to bring something in to share about who they are or something they are learning about or have done recently
-GT Discussion Topic-a time for us to discuss something that we struggle with as GT students
Elementary and Middle G.A.T.E. students meet weekly and High School G.A.T.E. students meet monthly for Lunch Discussion groups.  
Weekly Enrichment Opportunities
Students in 3rd-8th grade have the opportunity to learn something new in the Gifted and Talented Learning Lab.  Throughout the year the Gifted and Talented Coordinator chooses topics of interest for the students to learn about, either as a whole group, small group or individually.   Students won't have homework, unless they didn't use their time wisely during their weekly session. 
Clubs and Electives Galore!
Across the grade levels, the students have the opportunity to participate in the many electives and clubs offered here at PRA.  Below is the growing list of options here at PRA.
Elementary School: P.E., Choir, Tech, Art, Music, Science Lab
Middle School: P.E., Choir, Tech, Art, Music, Science Lab, Foreign Language, Creative Writing....
High School: P.E., Choir, Programming, Art, Photography, Ceramics, Music, Science Lab, Foreign Language, Creative Writing....
Elementary: choir, running, newspaper, LEGO, Little Vet's, Young Rembrandts, Spanish, Yoga...
Middle School: choir, running, Science Olympiad, Math Counts, LEGO robotics, soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, cheer...
High School: choir, running, Science Olympiad, Math Counts, Robotics, Model UN, DECA, soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, football, cheer, cross country, mountain biking....
Want to know more about the G.A.T.E. options here at Prospect Ridge Academy?  Please click on the links to the right for more information on the various aspects of the Gifted and Talented Education Programming here at Prospect Ridge Academy.