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High School Learning Specialist

Hello PRA community!
My name is Hilary Payne and I am the High School Learning Specialist here at Prospect Ridge Academy. Learning is not something we have to do, but something we get to do. I got the privilege of receiving two undergraduate degrees in Studio Art and Art History from CU Boulder, and a Masters in the Art of Teaching, specializing in general special education k-12 at MSU Denver. I have taught in public, private and charter school settings. I love teaching the subjects of writing and math, and I focus on soft-skills that students need to personalize before graduating: note-taking, test-taking, coping skills, organization, positive self-talk, executive functioning tools, and creative ways to remember information (mnemonics, songs, visual cues, graphic organizers, acronyms, repetition, etc.). I am making sure that there is a culture in the high school to cater to all types of learners. I am collaborating closely with the teachers and it’s a joy collaborating with my colleagues. Differentiating instruction depends on the subject and student, so we make sure to combined my strategies, techniques, tools with grade-level curriculum. I make students aware of time and teach them ways to approach self-advocacy. I have based my teaching on specialized curriculum like Barton’s reading and spelling program and Do The Math Now by Marilyn Burns. I have pulled intervention of writing from multiple sources and curriculums, but one way I help spelling is using techniques from JustWords (Wilson). Many of the programs I know are from professional development in San Francisco, California, and I am happy to have been a learning specialist in both states.