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About Me

Google Classroom:
  • In order to use my Google Classroom, you must be logged into your Google Account. If you need the code for your section of Classroom, click on the tab "Codes/Google Classroom/Spanish" in the bottom right corner, under my photo. 
  • All copies of assignments, readings, and other class materials will be posted on Classroom. Handouts, PowerPoints, and videos for each unit are often attached.

Tabs to the Right:
As I enter my third year at Prospect Ridge Academy, I'm looking forward to teaching students the incredibly rich Spanish language and to fostering an interest in the Spanish-speaking world and its diverse cultures. As a career educator, I have experience teaching Spanish in a variety of K-12 settings. 
In the Modern Language Department at PRA, teachers follow the most current trends and research-based practices in the field of foreign language education. In my own classroom, students can expect activities that involve TPR (total physical response), music, video, academically-oriented games, role-play, creative projects, and team-building. Through these modalities, students develop interpersonal and presentational skills in listening, reading, writing, and speaking.  
I'm looking forward to meeting you and your student! Please write me an email if you'd like more information: [email protected] Together, we'll work to ensure that your student succeeds!