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First Days of First Grade


Welcome back to a new year, families! I am so excited to be your child's first grade teacher. I hope you all had a busy, enjoyable summer - I know I'm rested and ready to hit the ground running!
For the first two days of school only:
  • On Thursday, send 3 favorite books from home to read (labeled)
  • By Friday, please return the Student Information Sheet
  • By Monday, please fill and send your child's "About Me" bag

Please send these labeled in backpacks daily throughout the year:

  • 2 snacks (nut-free, please)
  • 1 filled reusable bottle (water only)
  • Lunch (practice opening packaging independently)
  • Full set of weather-appropriate clothing (optional in case of accidents)

Dress-code refresher:

  • Solid-colored collared shirts, no logos (except optional PRA)
  • Solid-colored jackets, sweaters, or cardigans
  • Solid khaki, navy, black, or gray bottoms/dresses
  • Any leggings must be layered underneath a skirt or dress
  • Closed-toe and closed-back shoes only (practice tying laces!)
First Day Success Tips:
  • Hug 'n' Go: try not to ramp up anxiety by lingering at the fence. Your confidence (even faked-!) will transfer to your child. Each morning, parents drop first graders at the front playground gate (not accompany into the building). Please arrive by 8:10 to avoid a tardy after the 8:15 bell.
  • Dismissal: discuss with your child who is picking up and how:
    • (1) Wait in the classroom until an older sibling comes to our door to walk outside
    • (2) Driveline - what color car? Who will be driving?
    • (3) Flag Pole Walk-Up - Who should they look for?
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