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About Me

Hello!  My name is Jamie Paulsen and I'm the newest addition to the 3rd grade team at PRA.  This will be my 7th year of teaching. I've previously taught 1st, 4th, and 5th grade. 
I grew up in Duluth, Minnesota.  In 2003, I earned my undergraduate degree in Business Management from the University of Wisconsin-Superior.  Shortly after, I moved to Colorado and worked in banking and finance.  I chose to leave the industry and returned back to school and earned my Masters Degree in Education from the Metro State University of Denver in 2012.  I also have an endorsement in Gifted & Talented Education.  I have been teaching and loving it ever since! 
Aside from the classroom, I love to spend time with my family and friends.  My husband Danny and I have a vivacious five year old son, Jackson, who is attending Kindergarten at PRA this year! We also have a lively one year old daughter Lucy who keeps us on our toes.  Our fur babies, Ripley, a spunky golden retriever, Meeko, a cat with an attitude, and JoJo, a cat with dog-like qualities, make our family complete. We love spending time in the mountains, camping, fishing, hiking, paddle boarding, skiing, attending concerts, and playing tennis!  
I'm excited to be a part of the PRA family and third grade team! 


Recent Posts

Roald Dahl Independent Author Study & Book Project

Roald Dahl Independent Author Study and Book Project

Mrs. Paulsen’s Class

To start off second semester in reading, our class will be doing an author study and book project on Roald Dahl.  Each student will be reading a book of their choice written by this great author. They can get these books from my classroom library (I only have a few), our school library, the city library, Kindle, etc.

They will also be completing weekly reading activities in class to go along with their book.  

Reading will be done in class, but your child can read at home as well if they choose.  I have a variety of project options they can choose from which will be presented to them.  The project will also be done in class.

Book choice due: January 18th

Project options presented to students: January 30th

Project choices due: February 1st

Materials for project due: February 6th

Final projects Due: February 13th

A list of books can be found here:

Information will be updated on my website, so check under the reading class if you have questions.


Mrs. Paulsen

Human Body Unit

Human Body Unit

Essential Question: Why is the skeletal system important? (The skeleton has three main functions in terms of structure: support, protection, and locomotion; the bones are also responsible for making red blood cells).

e learn a lot during this science unit. Students will be expected to memorize the names of 25 bones so they can label a skeleton. Don't worry, we spend a lot of time throughout the day and in class studying these bones by playing variations of Simon Says, quizzing each other during movement breaks, etc. The students will have a word bank on the Bone Quiz - they aren't expected to memorize the spelling of the bones.

Dr. Rooks and Dr. Kierein visit third grade on our Science Day to present their experiences working with broken bones and to teach the students how to protect their bones. We also have quite a few in-class, hands on activities, as well as exciting science labs.

Each student will be assigned one of the 25 bones, and they will write an informational paragraph about their bone. Ms. Cutshall will work with the students during technology to help them find online resources to use during their writing. We will do all the writing in class as we learn about the specific bone and the key components of writing a paragraph. More information will be sent home about this in class project.


Math Facts Practice Homework Log

Starting second semester, your child will be completing a math facts log, requiring your signature.  At least 10 minutes of practice Monday-Thursday is required. 
This will come home in every Thursday folder and will be due each Friday the following week.  

PJ Day & Cozy Day

Hello Everyone! 
I just realized that we get two PJ days this week.  One on Wednesday for December birthdays, and the second on Thursday for a school wide Cozy Day!  Lucky us!  

Astronomy Study Guide

Hello!  I've attached the study guide for the astronomy test we will be taking on Friday  I will be having the students work on it in class on Thursday, but will encourage them to study at home as well.  

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Winter break is approaching quickly.  I just wanted to send out a reminder of events coming up! 
Monday December 10th: Astronomy Projects Presented - Parents invited 1:45-2:15
Wednesday December 12th - Author Day: Author Justin Matott will be spending the day with 3rd grade conducting workshops. 
Friday December 14th - Ugly Sweater & Crazy Christmas Hat Day
Wednesday December 19th - PJ Day & December Birthday Celebrations
Thursday December 20th - Robot Presentation (students only)
Friday December 21st - NO SCHOOL -  Winter Break Begins!

R.A.C.E.S. Writing Rubric

RACES is a writing rubric and tool that our elementary teachers and students utilize to help practice and create constructed responses to questions. Each letter represents an outline of how to effectively construct a whole response to any question within any content being taught. This is an excellent tool you can discuss and use with your child at home as they work on becoming strong readers and writers! Each grade level is focusing on different letters, for example the younger grades focus on the R and the A, while the older grades have students using all 5 letters of the acronym. We wanted to share this with you so that we can be consistent at home and at school!
***Our class is focusing on Restating right now.  We are going to implement it into all written responses and even verbal responses right now.  You will see a quiz we recently took in the upcoming Thursday folder showing examples of restating. ***

R-Restate the question

A-Answer the question

C-Cite evidence in the text

E- Explain, expand and give examples

S- Sum it all up, and restate the question as a conclusion

justin matott

Justin Matott the author is coming on December 12th.  He will host an assembly for third and fourth grade in the morning before leading all three classes of third graders in writer's workshops.  If you would like to purchase one of his books that he will deliver autographed and addressed to your child, please use the attached form.  The deadline has been pushed back until December 5th.