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About Me

Hello!  My name is Jamie Paulsen and I'm in my 8th year of teaching and 2nd year at PRA! 
I grew up in Duluth, Minnesota.  In 2003, I earned my undergraduate degree in Business Management from the University of Wisconsin-Superior.  Shortly after, I moved to Colorado and worked in banking and finance.  I chose to leave the industry and returned back to school and earned my Masters Degree in Education from the Metro State University of Denver in 2012.  I also have an endorsement in Gifted & Talented Education.  I have been teaching and loving it ever since! 
Aside from the classroom, I love to spend time with my family and friends.  My husband Danny and I have a vivacious six  year old son, Jackson, who is attending first grade at PRA this year! We also have a lively two year old daughter Lucy who keeps us on our toes.  Our fur babies, Ripley, a spunky golden retriever and JoJo, a cat with dog-like qualities, make our family complete. We love spending time in the mountains, camping, fishing, hiking, paddle boarding, skiing, attending concerts, and playing tennis!  
I'm excited to be a part of the PRA family and third grade team! 


Ideas & Resources

Hello Families at Home!
The plan for distance learning will be rolled out in the next week or so, but if you are looking for fun and engaging educational things to do with your child at home in the meantime, I've listed some amazing resources some educational companies are offering for free during this time!  
Scholastic has free daily activities - I HIGHLY recommend these because they are very engaging:
Brainpop & Brainpopjr.  - These are both amazing and have free resources for families during this time as well - these include fun videos and activities to go along with all of them - quizzes, extensions, etc.  They literally have videos for every topic you can think of. 
Mystery Science- These are REALLY fun and engaging interactive videos and project/experiments.  I've used them in the past and love them!  
GoNoodle-Fun indoor exercise, brain beaks, etc. Just to get the wiggles out - we use it almost daily in class.  OR download the app
Art Hub for Kids -  Step by Step drawing videos!
Freckle - Good for math practice and reading activities   OR download the app
The login info is your child's first and last name.  Our class code is: znfwv8  
Prodigy- Continue with Prodigy as usual! 
Please let me know if you need anything else from me.  Hang in there, we will get through this together! 
Mrs. Paulsen

Friday Post 2/28/20

Happy Sunny Friday Families!
A few tidbits: 
Please remember that State Night is March 9th at 5:30.  All of third grade will be performing a couple of patriotic songs, you will be able to look at their State books, and your child will be presenting a poster of facts regarding their state!  Please be sure they wear red, white or blue school shirts.  
Some of you may have noticed that I started sending home short reading assignments this week.  My goal is to meet with each small group 3-4 days per week.  Your child has a reading assignment log which will list page numbers and an activity they need to complete so we can discuss it the following day.  It will be small things like asking questions about characters or setting, or describe the characters traits.  I give them sticky notes to write their thoughts down and ask that they are prepared by the next day.  The assignments are short and can go towards their weekly reading minutes.  If they finish their assignments in class, they don't need to take it home.  Please let me know if you have any questions!
Next Wednesday March 4th from 6-8 is PRA Skate  Night!  The teacher with the largest student attendance will win $100 for the classroom - GO PAULSEN's CLASS!!
Next week in your child's learning: 
Math: Continue with area and perimeter - and an extra side focus on multi-digit subtraction with regrouping.
Reading: Finish up scientific texts and begin Steps in a Process or How To texts. 
Writing: Finish state books and create state posters for State Night
Science: Light & Sound - Ask your child about optical illusions!
Social Studies: Finish Early Explorers 
Have a fantastic and healthy weekend!
Mrs. Paulsen

Friday Post 2/21/2020

Happy Sunny Friday!
We had another wonderful and (short) week in 3rd Grade! 
The highlight was our field trip to the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra!  If you haven't already, ask your child what story the kids created that went along with the music.  
For our community service project this year we are going to be making and donating fleece blankets to Project Thrive for all the animals they support.  Here is the signup if you are interested in helping out!  We need the material before we go on spring break at the end of March!  Thank you!
Dates to Remember: 
February 28 - February Birthday Celebration/Pajama Day
March 5 - Board of Directors Meeting
March 6 - PRA Spirit Day & College Colors Day
March 9th - 3rd Grade State Night - 5:30-9:30
Next Week in your child's learning: 
Math: Area & Perimeter
Reading: Scientific Text and novel studies.  Please be on the lookout for a reading assignment log that will be going home for our novel studies. 
Writing: Final draft of our State Papers are due on Friday the 28th
Science - Light and Sound
Social Studies - Continuing Early Explorers
Have a wonderful weekend!!
Mrs. Paulsen

Friday Post 2/14/20

Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous sunny day! 
Thanks to everyone who came in for Student Led Conferences!  It's always a wonderful time for your child to show off what they are doing in school and for us to communicate as a team! 
A few things I wanted to share: 
Multiplication Facts - I believe I discussed this with everyone during conferences, however I wanted to reiterate how important it is that your child leaves third grade with their times tables memorized.  Please make it a priority at home to practice these at home.  Any method such as apps, flashcards, games are perfect for practice.  There are many resources online.  I've attached a link to a couple of sites that provide worksheets if you'd like to use them: 
CMAS Practice: A few of you asked about the types of questions that will be on CMAS.  I've included a link to a site that provides practice tests if you'd like to look at them at home.  This is NOT required - just a resource if you are interested. 
State Night Songs: 3rd Grade will be performing two songs on State night (March 9th @ 5:30-6:30).  I've included youtube links to the songs with lyrics so your child can practice at home if they chose!  
Dates to Remember: 
Monday February 17th - NO SCHOOL - President's Day
Thursday February 20th - CU Music Field Trip - Please send a sack lunch!  If you haven't turned in the permission slip adn $10, please do so as soon as possible. 
Friday February 21st- STUCO $1 or Canned Good Spirit Day - Dress as your favorite Book/Movie Character
Next week in your Child's Learning:
Math - Fractions
Reading - Historical Texts
Writing - State Papers
Science - Finish Human Body
Social Studies -Early Explorers

Friday Post 1/7/20

Happy Snowy Week! 
Thanks for all your patience and understanding when it came to the late starts and also being committed to getting your child to school!
Thanks for helping out with fractions at home as well!  It's a challenging new topic and all the support helps tremendously! 
As you have seen there is a shortage of disinfectant wipes!  Our class has plenty of hand-sanitizer, but we are getting low on wipes.  If you'd like to donate them, we'd welcome them with open arms! Thanks!
A few reminders: 
Wednesday February 12th - We will be having a Valentines Celebration at the end of the day.  Your child is responsible for creating their own Valentines Box or Bag at home.   You can send it in any time this week.  
Thursday February 13th - Student Led Conferences/NO SCHOOL - Please make sure your child attends and please make prior arrangements for younger siblings so we can focus solely on your 3rd grader and his or her conference.  If you cannot make it, please let me know so I can send home the conference folder with all the items your child was going to share with you! 
Think Tickets - I have a new updated version of the think tickets. If you see them come home, they are blue half sheets of paper.   I'm including new behaviors on the tickets related to responsibility and accountability such as turning homework in on time, getting planner signed, etc.  This is a really great way to keep communication open between you, your child, and myself.  
Friday February 14th - NO SCHOOL - Teacher PD Day
Monday February 17th -  NO SCHOOL - President's Day
Thursday February 20th - Half Day field trip to C.U. Music Center - make sure your child's permission slip and $10 is turned in by Wednesday.  
Next week in your child's education: 
Math - Continue with fractions
Reading - Begin non-fiction historical texts
Writing- Research and plan for state papers
Science - Human Body: Nervous System
Social Studies - Early Explorers
Enjoy your weekend!!!
Mrs. Paulsen

Friday Post 1/31/20

I hope everyone had a great week!  
Some items coming down the pipeline: 
Monday February 3rd - Class picture day!  Please make sure your child is in dress code or better.  If you want individual photos taken, please fill out the form and send money in.  The photographer will not take individual pictures without them. 
Wednesday February 12th - Valentine's Day Celebration Valentine's Bags/Boxes need to be made at home.  If your child would like to participate, he or she can bring in 25 Valentines for the class.  You can include store bought treats or toys if you'd like, but they will not be eaten at school.  
Tuesday February 4th- Doctor's Visit - All of 3rd grade will get to experience two different presentations from doctors about bones!  It will be a really fun, engaging, and educational experience.  
Thursday February 13th - If you haven't signed up yet, please do as soon as possible. 
Friday February 14th - Teacher Professional Development - NO SCHOOL
Monday February  17th - Presidents Day - NO SCHOOL
Next week in your child's education: 
Math: We are moving on to Fractions!  I introduced it today and we will dive deep next week!  Please check my math page for an information letter and extra practice sheets.
Reading: We are finishing up non-fiction text features with Text Feature Surgery!   We will ease into Historical Texts after that. 
Writing: State papers commence!  The kids are dying to share all their knowledge about their state!
Science: This will be our last full week of the human body!  
Social Studies: After finishing our Early American Homes project on Monday, we will review the unit and finish with the assessment.  
Have an amazing weekend!  

Friday Post 1/24/20

Happy Fri-Yay!
We had a wonderful short week in 3rd grade! 
There are several topics I want to touch on: 
  • Core Knowledge Night - It was a HUGE hit!  I saw so many of you there- thanks for coming and seeing all the cool exhibits!  
  • Student Led Conferences - Please see the signup genius in the miner mail and sign up for conferences as they are quickly approaching.  Spring semester conferences are student led and in 15 minute time slots.  If there are other topics that may take an extended amount of time that you'd like to discuss, please email me.
  • Prodigy - To help make things easier - I am going to assign a total of 30 problems each Monday.  Since you can't see what problems are my assignment, this will help you know if your child has completed enough.  When they log in on Monday, the next 30 problems they complete will be from my assignment. 
  • Division -  I introduced long division today and it has been extremely challenging.  This is not alarming, as it's challenging every year.  Please see the post from earlier today with extra practice sheets.  I am teaching the standard method of long division - DMSB (divide, multiply, subtract, bring down) then repeat. We use the acronym Dirty Monkeys Smell Bad.  This is the same way you learned in school.  Any extra help at home would be beneficial.  Please know that this is just an introduction and if you see a lot of 2's coming home, it's ok! We will not spend a lot of time on it - I am hoping to give them the exposure and understanding of how division works. The kids will dive deep into division in 4th grade.  
  • Bones Quiz - The kids showed off how much they have been studying the bone names!  I was blown away!  Great work! We will be taking the actual quiz next Friday the 31st!  
  • Dates to remember: 
    • State Paper Research Resources due in class -Thursday January 30th
    • PJ Day - Thursday January 30th
    • Blackout Spirit Day - Friday January 31st
    • Class Picture Day - Monday February 3rd - Dress code or above
    • Field Trip to CU Symphony - February 20th (permission slips to come home soon
  • What we are learning in class next week: 
    • Math - Continue with long division and wrap up the unit (next unit - fractions!)
    • Reading - Continue non-fiction text features
    • Writing - Dissecting reading and writing prompts, planning, and responding (in preparation for CMAS in April)
    • Science - Continue the skeletal system
    • Social Studies - Early American Tribes
Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Paulsen

State Project Info Sheet

Here is a copy of the State Project info that was sent home in case your child has misplaced it: 



Name ___________________________________________

Third Grade State Project

For our informative writing unit, students will be writing about a state that will be assigned to them.  Each child needs to collect two kid-friendly resources they will be able to use to research their topic. These may be books or printed out resources. We encourage a trip to the library to get a book, but that is not required.  Students will be researching and writing during the month of February. In March students will be presenting their states at our State Night. This event takes place in the evening and includes a musical performance by the students.  Below are due dates to keep track off:

    • States assigned January 16th 
    • Two resources due in class by January 30th
    • Begin research, planning, writing February 3rd
    • Finished research papers due February 28th
    • Prepare for State Night week of March 2nd
  • State Night March 9th 5:30-6:30

Students should wear red, white, or blue dress code shirts

Prospect Ridge Academy databases that may be used for research:

PebbleGo and PebbleNext

User Name: pra

Password: read

EBSCO (access on the PRA webpage - Academics tab, then the link to library)

User Name: prospectridge

Password: prareads2020!

Bone Names - Extra Sheet

Hi All!
I'm attaching the sheet I sent home with all the bone names.  Please support your child with memorizing all the bone names listed on this page!  They will have a word bank during the quiz.  Have fun with it! 

Friday Post - EARLY!

I wanted to send out my weekly post before I left town because I have a lot of info for you! 
State Projects - Your child will be receiving a letter in the Thursday folder this week regarding a state research project we will be doing.  I will be assigning the states they will be researching tomorrow.  Please read the letter, but know that your child will need to bring in two separate resources on their state so we can start the writing process in the beginning of February.  We will be having State Night in the beginning of March so the kids can show off their hard work! 
Bone Quiz- Every year, third grade has the opportunity to memorize 25 bones in the body!  I've sent home a copy of the bones they need to know and we will also be practicing in class.  We will be taking a quiz on it during the last week in January.  I have suggested they practice as much as possible!  There will be a word bank available at the time of the quiz. 
Hair caps and doctor gowns:  I am planning a fun activity called Text Feature Surgery in Reading in about two weeks.  In order to make it REALLY fun - I'd love to have the kids wear doctor gowns and hair caps.  We've already tracked down the face masks, but to make it a complete surgical activity, we'd love for the other two.  If you happen to have access to these items, 3rd grade would love and appreciate a donation!  There are 100 kids in the grade, so ideally we'd like 100, but again, would appreciate any donations! 
I've found what I'm looking for on Amazon - but I'm not expecting you to buy them, just to give you an idea of what we are looking for: 
Stuco Spirit Day THIS Friday the 17th -  Dress like your future Job Day for $1 - No masks or accessories ( i.e. axes, weapons, ect. )
Prodigy - If you haven't seen my email regarding questions and answers regarding the new homework, please read for clarification.  
Thanks for all you do!  I am excited to see all the kids grow this second semester! 

Friday Post 1/10/20

Happy Friday!
I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and time with family! 
A few things are coming up that I want to put on your radar.
Please see the email I sent yesterday about signing up for a Prodigy account.  Have this completed by this coming Monday the 13th as I will be assigning math homework through it starting next week.  
That being said - you no longer have to track math practice in the planner but I still highly encourage continuing math facts practice.  I will be able to see what your child has done on Prodigy each week and will be able to track it online. This will count towards dojo points and rewards.   You still need to log reading minutes in the planner AND sign it each night. 
Math:  Intro to division.  Please see my math page for details and extra practice sheets. 
Reading: The focus for the next couple of weeks is non-fiction texts and their text features. 
Writing: We will be breaking down writing in response to reading prompts to make sure students understand what is being asked of them and practicing star answers.  
Science: The Human Body - Skeletal System!
Social Studies:  Early Americans
*Look next week for a letter about our State Projects.  Your child will be assigned a state to research, write an informative piece on it, and present a poster on State night - which will occur the beginning of March.  More details to come.  No action required at this moment. 
* I will be out of town next Thursday and Friday but will have an amazing sub in my place! 
*No School Monday January 20th - MLK Day! 
Have a fantastic weekend!

Friday Post 12/13/19

Happy Friday the 13th!
A few tidbits: 
  • No weekly review this week
  • Thanks for all the sock donation for coalition for the homeless!  We are rocking our donations this year! 
  • A pink permission slip came home today for the students to watch the movie "Wonder" when we return from break in January.  It is rated PG so we need parents permission.  Please return it prior to break - by next Thursday at the latest. 
Next week in your child's learning: 
Math: Review and Unit test in measurement
Reading: Illustrations and Mood and Poetry
Writing: Finish Poetry Unit
Science: Present Astronomy Projects
Social Studies: Finish Vikings Unit and Final Test
Thursday the 19th - Holiday Party from 9-10 a.m. 
Tuesday 12/17-Spirit Day for our class only! 
Wednesday 12/18 - PJ Day
Thursday 12/19 is a HALF DAY - DISMISSAL at 11:20 - 
Friday December 20
January 6th - No school PD DAY
January 7-8 - Assessment Days - please sign up for a time slot.  NOT A REGULAR SCHOOL DAY. 
Have an amazing weekend!
Mrs. Paulsen

Friday Post 12/6/19

So many great things are coming to wrap up 2019!  
Astronomy Project - Research and materials are due on Monday the 9th.  We'll be working on it in class and starting presentations Friday and finishing up on Monday the 16th.  We didn't invite parents this time because it is their first time presenting by themselves to the class, so we want to make it as comfortable as possible. 
Viking Rocks - Next Thursday the 12th, the students will be writing in Viking Ruins on rocks.  Please have your child bring in a flat rock about the size of their palm by Thursday so they can participate. 
Poetry - We just started a poetry unit.  One of the common core standards is that students recite a poem.  They do not need to memorize it.  I'm giving the students the option of picking any poem they want - whether it's a poem they write, one they learn in class, or one they choose on their own.  We will be reciting these poems Wednesday the 18th and Thursday the 19th.  
Student Council Spirit Day -Friday the 13th.  Your child can wear a holiday sweater or pajamas if they bring in $1 or a donation of socks for the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. 
Paulsen's Class Spirit Day- Our class earned a spirit day all to ourselves for the most donations for Miner Mania.  We've been approved for Tuesday the 17th! Yay! We also get extra recess that day! 
PJ Day/December Birthday Celebrations - This will take place on Wednesday the 18th. 
Early Release - School will let out at 11:20 on Thursday December 19th.  There is no school on Friday the 20th!
Next week in your child's education: 
Math: Measurement - please see the extra practice sheets attached to my math class page
Reading: We will be reading picture books and discussing how illustrations enhance the mood, characters, and setting of a book. We will continue with novel study in small groups. 
Writing: Poetry - We are learning about different types of figurative language, and reading and writing poems. 
Science - Astronomy Projects!
Social Studies - Vikings!
Have a fantastic Weekend!
Mrs. Paulsen