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About Me

Brigid Goslin has the privilege of teaching Math to the amazing 5th Graders. After working in the corporate world for many years, she made a career change to education with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Regis University and Master's Degree in Educational Technology from Boise State University and is thrilled to learn with PRA students, staff, and families.
Born and raised in New York, Brigid moved to Boulder in 2007 after visiting and never wanting to leave.  Colorado must be special because her parents, three brothers, and their children all live in CO now as well!  Brigid now lives in Lafayette and loves enjoying all that beautiful Colorado has to offer with her husband and two young kids, Julia (6) and Eddie (3). She loves camping, skiing, hiking, food, photography, cooking and lots more.
Go Miners!


Math Check-In

Hell, PRA Families!
I hope you are settling into our 4th week of distance learning and that the process is getting smoother for you each week.  I have made an update to the format of the weekly math content and have posted that announcement on the Google Classroom for the student, but I want to ensure you are aware as well. 
You can click here to watch my video or read through the text I sent to the students below to understand this update.
Happy Hump Day!
I wanted to share something new in math with you. You can watch the quick 2-minute video below or just read through this message.
I had several students complete their math work early in the week, which is great! However, some reached out to me wanting to retake quizzes in Flocabulary, Khan, or Freckle because they wanted to try to do better after reviewing the lessons again. THIS IS 100% OKAY AND ENCOURAGED! Perhaps they rushed through the lessons and realized they need to watch the videos and use the support resources available before taking the quizzes. Khan academy is great because you can retake the quizzes on your own without my support and I recommend you do if you get below 60%.
For Flocabulary and Freckle, I have to reassign the quizzes to you. Going forward, on Wednesdays I will be reviewing the students who already completed assignments and scored lower than 50% on Flocabulary and Freckle. I will reassign those quizzes to students. You might want to check in to those to Platforms to see if I reassigned anything, but I am going to try to send an email to those students as well to let them know the retake opportunity is there. Please view this as an opportunity to improve your content grade for the week as I look at all these pieces to determine that weekly grade.
YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO RETAKE THESE, but the opportunity is there for you. I hope you take advantage of this if needed.
All the best,
Mrs. G

Distance Learning: Week of 4/13

Good morning, Everyone! 
We are moving in to our 3rd week of Distance Learning. Some changes have been made to the posting schedule.  All classes will now have materials and lessons posted by 5 pm on Sunday to support students and families in preparing for the week ahead.
There are still several students in each 5th Grade homeroom who have NOT logged into Khan Academy with their PRA Gmail account.  Students NEED to be logged in or they will not receive my assignments and I will NOT SEE THEIR WORK!
Please contact me if you need support in getting your student logged in. 
As always, please email me with any questions or concerns!  We got this!
Mrs. G

Week 1 in the Books!

Hi, 5th Grade Families!
We made it to Friday!  Week 1 of Distance Learning in the books.  The students all did an amazing job at attending and staying focused during our Class Meeting on Wednesday as well as getting work completed, great work!  Remember that all assignments need to be completed and turned in by TONIGHT at 9 pm.  Please click here to view the 5th Grade Distance Learning Expectations presentation that was shared with students on Wednesday.
I know these past few days might have felt overwhelming and unfamiliar, but please know that you are not alone in those feelings.  The teachers and PRA staff are here for you if you ever just need to chat or clarify things.  Some things students need to ensure they have completed before the weekend are listed below.
  • Complete the Weekly Learning Log if you have not already (link to it here)
  • Complete all required assignments for all subjects
  • Please go through each assignment left under your required assignment sections in each class and click "MARK AS DONE" if you completed it.
As you may have heard, it has been determined that we will not be coming back together in person for the remainder of the school year as Adams 12 school district has extended our closure.  This is upsetting for many as we all miss friends and staff, and this means we will not get to have a traditional 5th-grade continuation ceremony, but we will come up with something to celebrate all the hard work and accomplishments throughout elementary school!
Please take care of yourselves and be kind and patient with your families as we all settle into this new reality.  Take the weekend to relax, play games, exercise, get sunshine, sleep in, and whatever brings you comfort and happiness. Don't forget to wash your hands and STAY HOME!
All the best,
Mrs. Goslin

First Day of Distance Learning!

Good evening, 5th graders and families! We have been thinking of you all and are so excited (and a bit nervous) to start distance learning with you tomorrow at 3 pm in Google Meet! In our homeroom class "meeting", we will be checking in with each other and going over what you can expect in the coming weeks. All your concerns and questions will hopefully be addressed tomorrow during our Google Meet. Teachers will be sending out Google Meet invitations via Google Classroom tomorrow morning for you to join at 3pm. We are scheduled to meet from 3 - 4.

We know this is a very tricky time where we can feel out of control and we hope to bring a sense of community, structure, and learning in the coming weeks. Please look for an assignment to be posted in the Goslin Math Google Classroom which will have all the information you need to access our class meeting. When you do log in to Google Meet, please ensure that you turn your audio OFF, so you are "muted". Please try to watch this video on "How to Attend Google Meet" to prepare you for tomorrow's class meeting.
I look forward to seeing your faces tomorrow!
Mrs. Goslin

March 24, 2020 - Spring Break Check-In

Checking in with some news and solutions to last week's puzzles and riddles!

Hello 5th Grade!

Just checking in from home on this beautiful Monday. I posted this video in Google Classroom as well, so hopefully, students can access and view it from there via their school Google Accounts. I will be posting fun math riddles and logic puzzles in Google Classroom to help keep us connected over the next couple of weeks. They are purely optional! I hope everyone and their families are safe and staying healthy. Please know I am available via email or even video chat for students who may want some help practicing math, or just need a break and a chat with a familiar face. Best wishes, Brigid Goslin

Week of 3/9 - 3/13

UPDATE: I have made some updates. We are going to move Converting Metric Measurements to after Spring Break so I have removed references to that skill from this post.

We continue working with decimals this week, learning how to divide decimals by powers of 10 and by whole numbers, estimating and rounding decimals.  On Friday, we will be celebrating Pi Day as a school and working on some Pi Day activities. Please note that the students will have a test on Chapter 9: Decimals on Wednesday, 3/18.  If you are leaving early for Spring Break (before Wednesday), please ensure your child is aware they need to complete this test prior to break.

OBJECTIVES for this week are:

  • I can divide tenths and hundredths by a 1-digit whole number.
  • I can divide tenths and hundredths by 10, 100, 1000, and powers of 10
  • I can divide tenths and hundredths by multiples of 10, 100, and 1000
  • I can solve real-world problems involving decimals.
  • I can estimate decimal sums, differences, products and quotients to check for reasonableness.

HOMEWORK for this week is:

Monday through Thursday: Prodigy

***Alternative to Prodigy homework includes the following Workbook pages:

  • Monday: pgs. 35 - 38 ALL
  • Tuesday: pgs. 27 - 34 ODDS
  • Wednesday: pgs. 27 - 34 EVENS
  • Thursday: pgs. 39 - 42 ALL 


Week of 3/2 - 3/6

We wrapped up decimals to the thousandths today with a quiz.  This was a strong unit overall and the students seemed solid in their understanding.  This is great as we move in Ch. 9 which involves multiplication and division of decimals, as well as converting between metric measurements.

OBJECTIVES for this week are:

  • I can multiply tenths and hundredths by a 1-digit whole number.
  • I can multiply tenths and hundredths by 10, 100, 1000, and powers of 10
  • I can multiply tenths and hundredths by multiples of 10, 100, and 1000
  • I can solve real-world problems involving decimals.

HOMEWORK for this week is:

Monday through Thursday: Prodigy

***Alternative to Prodigy homework includes the following Workbook pages:

  • Monday: pgs. 13  - 14 ALL
  • Tuesday: pgs. 15 - 20 ODDS
  • Wednesday: pgs. 15 - 20 EVENS
  • Thursday: pgs. 21 - 26 ODDS


Week of 2/24 - 2/28

Wow, what an amazing time at CalWood!  I hope everyone got rest and warmed up over the weekend.  We begin our unit on DECIMALS this week. Ch. 8 is a shorter unit with a lot of review of decimals, place value, rounding, estimation, etc. and we will be having a quiz on these skills this coming Monday, 3/2 before we move into operations on decimals.

OBJECTIVES for this week are:

  • I can read and write thousandths in decimal and fractional form.
  • I can represent and interpret thousandths in models or in place-value charts.
  • I can write a fraction with denominator 1,000 as a decimal.
  • I can compare and order decimals to 3 decimal places.
  • I can round decimals to the nearest hundredth.
  • I can rewrite decimals and fractions and mixed numbers in simplest form.


Mon, Tues, and Wed: Prodigy

Thursday: Ch. 8 Study Guide

Alternative homework includes the following workbook pages:

  • Monday: pgs. 1- 4 ALL
  • Tuesday: pgs. 5 - 8 ALL
  • Wednesday: pgs. 9 - 12 ALL
  • Thursday: Study Guide



For the month of March, 5th grade will be participating in The Next Prodigy Tournament.  Just by simply playing in Prodigy, our students can earn prizes such as Prodigy swag, memberships, pizza party and more.  Please look for a letter coming home in Thursday folders and encourage your kids to play Prodigy. You can also view the parent informational video here.

Week of 2/10 - 2/14

Remember we have just a 3-day week with Student-Led Conferences on Thursday and a PD day for teachers on Friday.  Monday is President’s Day.

We are wrapping up our unit on Volume. Tomorrow, I will be checking workbook homework pages from last week and today; I have reviewed this expectation with students. Students have the Study Guide due Wednesday and will take the quiz on Wednesday as well.

Homework this week:

  • Due Tuesday  - Workbook pgs. 211 - 216 ODDS  and pgs. 219 - 220
  • Due Wednesday - Study Guide (hard copy provided to students, will also be posted) 

Thank you and have a great long weekend!

Workbook Homework Tonight 2/6

ALL students have workbook homework tonight.  Pgs. 205-210 ODDS, due tomorrow, Friday.
Volume Quiz next Wednesday, 2/12

Homework Tonight 2/4

Due to a lot of absences today, I am posting the homework, which includes 2 items listed below.   Students should be able to complete this based on prior knowledge and prepare them for our unit on Volume tomorrow.
1) Workbook pgs. 187 - 188
2) Volume Worksheet (students received a hard copy at school but I have attached here as well)
I will also post the answer key to the volume worksheet to support any misunderstandings.  Please look for a separate post.

Week of 2/3 - 2/7

We are wrapping up our Triangles and Quadrilaterals unit with review today and a quiz tomorrow.  I posted the study guide on Friday and students will be coming home with a hard copy today to complete as required homework tonight (Goslin’s class will be doing workbook pages in lieu of study guide).

On Wednesday we will begin our Chapter 14 unit on Volume.  Again this is a short unit and the students will be taking a quiz on Ch. 14 Volume next Wednesday 2/12.  

Objectives for this week:

  • I can build solids using unit cubes and determine the number of unit cubes in an irregular solid.
  • I can find the volume of cubes and rectangular prisms.
  • I can find the volume of a solid constructed from unit cubes.
  • I can compare volumes of cubes, rectangular prisms, and other objects.
  • I can use a formula ro find the volume of a rectangular prism.
  • I can solve word problems involving volume of rectangular prisms and liquids.
  • I can find the volume of a solid figure composed of two rectangular prisms.


Alternative Homework to Prodigy

  1. Monday Study Guide
  2. Tuesday Workbook pgs. 187 - 188 ALL 
  3. Wednesday Workbook pgs. 201 - 204 ALL 
  4. Thursday Workbook pgs. 205 - 210 ODDS 

Video Resources for Ch.14 Volume