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About Me

Hi! My name is Jason Chesser and this is my fifth year of teaching, the last four years have been amazing here at PRA.  I have done observations and student teaching here at PRA so I feel like I have been around a lot longer than four years.  I have a bachelor's degree in History from the University of Colorado at Boulder and my teaching license from the Metropolitan State University of Denver.  
I love teaching third grade and my favorite subject to teach is Social Studies.  I have a passion to make it fun, exciting and memorable for every student.  This year reading will have some pop culture (aka superhero) fun included!  I have a energetic yet structured classroom full of movement and learning!!!  
Outside of school I am all about family!  I have been married to my beautiful wife for over eight years and we have two kids.  My daughter Ally is seven and will be in Second Grade this year.  My son Jordan (JT) is 3 years old, we all had a great summer together.  I will have plenty of fun stories to share this year as I watch both my kids grow.  I like to run (coach Miners on the Move),  enjoy pop culture like Disney, Star Wars, comics, Harry Potter and I am obsessed with the Super Bowl 50 Champion Denver Broncos and Colorado Buffs!   


Weekly Update 9/16-9/20

Important Dates: 
Zoo Field Trip Friday!
T-Shirt orders due Thursday!!!
What we are learning this week: 
Math: Finishing up addition up to 10,000 and starting our subtraction unit!  We are continuing to make math fact goals and with quizzes every Friday.  
Reading: We will continue to read aloud Wonder
    -Comprehension: Point of view 
    -Vocabulary: convince, swiftly, rely, rare, precise
     -DLI: Subject and Predicate
     -Spelling: .
            --Green Words: Sammy Rule (Check Planner).  One-syllable words that   have a short vowel sound and end in f, l, or s double the final f, l, or s.
            --Red Words: their, there 
     -Writing: Opinion Planning 
Science: How to classify Amphibians based on their characteristics 
Social Studies: Finishing up Geography and starting our Economics Unit!

Third Grade is doing shirts for the first time ever!  Please fill out this form (Thursday folders last week) and return it by Thursday Sept. 19th with $13.  

Attention Grabbers

Get a look into the classroom and how I get the attention of 25 students. I use these to create engagement in fun, but also to make sure I have the full attention of the class before an announcement or directions. Enjoy! Of course we had to add a cool intro and awesome music!

Weekly Update 9/9-9/13

Important Dates: 
Zoo Field Trip next Friday!
Please remember to check and sign planners nightly!
What we are learning this week: 
Math: Finishing up mental math strategies and starting out addition up to 10,000 unit.  Make sure to check your kiddo's weekly goal to see what math fact they are on.   
Reading: We will continue to read aloud Wonder
    -Comprehension: Character Traits
    -Vocabulary: pause, gasp, ancient, observe, and brief
     -DLI: Commas within City 
            --Green Words: Soft and Hard Cl Sounds (Check Planner)
            --Red Words: said & goes
     -Writing: Opinion Planning 
Science: How to classify Fish based on their characteristics 
Social Studies: River Terms, Rivers, and Review

Weekly Update 8/26-8/30

Important Dates: 
Wednesday: i-Ready Reading Assessment 
Thursday: i-Ready Reading Assessment 
Friday: PJ Day for Bdays
9/3-9/4: Assessment Days!
What we are learning this week: 
Math: Finishing up Place Value and beginning Mental Math strategies for rounding and number sense.  
Reading: We will continue to read aloud Wonder
    -Comprehension: Text Evidence
    -Vocabulary: assemble, rumble, calculate, elegant, privilege
     -DLI: Abstract and Concrete Nouns 
            --Green Words:Closed Vowel Sounds (Check Planner)
            --Red Words: they & friend
     -Writing: Response to Reading Strategies 
Science: How to classify Reptiles based on their characteristics 
Social Studies: Map Skills

Mammal Mystery
Science Homework!!! Can you act like a scientist and put all the characteristics into a perfect square?  Ask you kiddo what they did in Science Lab today and why is there a square piece!  Please don't spend more than 20 minutes on this and I will give and post the answer tomorrow as I know parents will be curious too!