Prospect Ridge Academy

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Subscribe to Teacher Classes for Regular Updates

To subscribe to a teacher's class page, navigate to the Staff Directory of the PRA website (Hover over "About" on the top menu, and click on "Staff Directory"):
Search for your student's teacher by name, grade or subject. When you find the correct teacher, click on their name.
You will notice a subscribe button below the teacher's picture:
We DO NOT recommend subscribing to this page because your update email will not include details about what has been changed on the page.
Instead, navigate to the lower section of the page where it lists the teacher's classes:
Click on each of the classes you would like to subscribe to, and click on "Subscribe" on the right side of the class page. This will allow you to receive an email with specific details about what has been updated on the class page.
To change your subscription settings, click on "Manage your email settings or unsubscribe" at the bottom of one of your Edlio update emails: